Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mom's 50th Birthday Cake!

I decided to make my mom's birthday cake for her suprise party! This time I wanted to try royal icing stenciling. I'd seen it online and in magazines and it always looks so awesome! But when i looked online for "cake stencils" i was FLOORED at how much they can be. I'm talking 50+ for a stencil! SERIOUSLY!? So being the frugal mom I am i went to the craft store and looked for small enough stencils to fit a two layer cake. It ended up only costing me with coupons(of course) $3 for each one.  Gotta love that! 
Since my mom's favorite flower is the white daisy I started with that and decided to do yellow so i could find other color daisy's to match for the cake topper.  For my first attempt i think it turned out pretty good. I am not happy with the border on each layer. I should of just did it in white icing or another technique, but i had a lot of extra royal icing that was already tinted that I didnt want to waste. 

So here it is!! It's a home made poundcake (my grandmothers recipe) with buttercream frosting, with rolled fondant!

PS! Fondant does burn! lol Since i had flowers on top and I insisted on putting 50 candles on it, all the heat stared to singe the cake and flowers! lol 

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