Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scary fevers!

Brayden has had colds and stuff before where he's ran some fevers but NOTHING like his last bout of sickness. The fever literally came out of no where and he was down for the count. His fever was lingering over 104 degrees.  It was all actually pretty stressful because we couldn't get him to take ANY fluids. As a result he wasn't really peeing. I talked to the pedes and they had reminded me to make sure he was peeing at least every 6-8 hours and if not to call back. We tried getting him to drink formula, water, pedialite(which he HATES...what a waste of $ but it was worth a try), and even juice/water mixtures and had no luck. It had been 10+ hours with NO wet diapers and of course it was after the office was closed so they had a nurse at the hospital call me back. They had us force feed him via syringe to get something in to him. I cried, he cried but it helped. The way the nurse put it, it was the lesser of evils than bringing him in to the hospital and hooking him up to iv's.  By the middle of the night i was able to get him to take a little bit of bottle so I was SO relieved. A little bit after he gave us a little wet diaper..huge SIGH of relief!

For the fever we had to alternate between tylenol and advil every three hours. Even then alternating meds was only keeping it at about 102. Fortunately by morning his fever broke and finally dropped to the 100's range. You could tell he was sick because he was cuddly and docile, the absolute opposite of his usual energy filled hyper personality. I did love the cuddle time but I absolutely hate him being sick and burning up so bad. Looks like he's going to follow in both mommy and daddy's footsteps with high fevers...uggh not looking forward to that! Fotruntately he's been okay since then, so it had to of been viral.  I'm just glad he didn't present with a rash after the fever finally broke! 

Saddest little face ever :( 

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