Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite things #3: Touch and Feel Flash Cards

I bought Brayden these touch and feel flash cards when I was still pregnant. I thought they were the cutest thing and he LOVES them!  I picked them up at Barnes and Noble.(PS they are on SALE right now!!) I know a few other sites carry them. They are super cute and the fact that they are touch and feel make them all the more entertaining for a 9 month old.  Hopefully this doesn't come off as the physcho mom that thinks THIER kid is going to read at 1 year (lol), it's just a fun educational way to look at colors, shapes and count. If anything we look at them for like 2-3 minutes and he usually ends up throwing the cards all over, crawls on them and eats them.  But hey, that's what they're for right?!

I had a fun idea to make eating and playing in the highchair more entertaining. And hey if he learns something even better. I took a few of the cards and made color copies and put them between the trays of the highchair.  So far he seems to love it and if they get ruined it costs me almost nothing. Fortunately a standard sheet of paper fits on top of his so no cutting.Thought I would share this idea!  I also want to make up ones with his name in big bold letters and pictures of his favorite things or people. 

Yup...there's left over food in the seat. lol
 He loves the firetruck and is really good at practicing firetruck sounds! :)
 He LOVES the baby, always wants to kiss it!

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