Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy 7 months!

Yes I know.. i'm weeks behind on my posting. Lots has been going on and I'm trying to take advantage of some post surgery down time to catch up.

Baby girl is getting so big! Bella is still the sweetest happiest kid.  She has the best smile and most adorable little laugh ( next to her to brother!) She is getting huge!  She is now just shy of 21 lbs! Brayden wasn't 21 lbs  till well after 1 so it's strange to have such a solid baby :)  She has had a tough time health wise this winter. It has seriously been a string of things since she has had RSV. She had her first ear infection in January and less than 10 days after finishing her antibiotics she ended up with another ear infection. I am praying this is not a trend of things to come! 

In addition to Mama, Bella now says Dada and baba. She doesn't drink from bottles but it seems like she is referring to Brayden, but I guess we will see in time. She loves to talk, scream and babble. Such a girl! Bray is definitely her best friend. I love the relationship that emerging between the two of them.  she things he is hilarious and obsessed with his every move!

We got our first tooth on February 21st! She has seriously been teething since she was 3 1/2 months old and I was hoping and praying they would just pop in with no issues. She's not the best teether, but Brayden was much worse so I will take it. lol She looks so cute with her little tooth but whew, nursing was killer with that razor sharp bud coming through. She has gotten much better nursing with teeth since, but definitely has tried biting me on numerous occasions.

Crawling...Bella is doing her version of crawling still. She scoots on her butt all over the house and gets in to this crazy yoga looking pose to crawl. She keeps getting stuck on her on leg but I am sure she will get full out  hauling it before I know it, so I don't mind her taking her time.  On top of her "crawling" she is trying to pull herself up on everything. She can get to her knees with no issues but can't quite stand. I'm sure her weight being in her legs ad bottom does not make it easy! hehe.  She does love to stand! If you hold her hands she can stand on her own and loves to play at her play table or just hold on to the couch.  She is so much fun to play with!

Sleep has been hit and miss. After recovering from the last ear infection we have been getting back on track with things. She is still going to bed at the same time as brayden around 8pm and wakes about once a night sometimes twice.  She has been waking between 7 or 8. I do miss the days when she was sleeping till 9 lol.  She still cat naps in the morning and evening aside from her long afternoon nap. Its weird, some days she naps amazing and the next she fights and just wants to sleep while comfort nursing. I'm not going to lie it's hard to not give in since I love that cuddle time. But sometimes having her in a good mood is more than worth nursing her a little extra so she sleeps longer.

Breastfeeding is still going great! She loves the boob and it shows with how well she gains. I was trying to pump on top of her nursing to have a freezer stash for my surgery and it was making my letdown and supply go crazy. I think we def have enough milk so i'm not too worried about it. When my letdown gets worse it makes her get sick and spit up a lot so I'd rather not do that to her poor stomach if we don't have to.

Bella still loves to eat even though she doesn't eat a ton at a time. 95% of the time she eats whatever we are having. She loves table food and does really great with baby led weaning. It looks like she is following in Brayden's foot steps and loves strong flavors.  She will get angry if you don't share what you are eating and wants to grab everything out of your hands. Here's hoping she continues her love of food!!

I seriously can't believe how quickly time is going with two kids. I hate seeing my baby not a baby anymore but at the same time she is so much fun and such a laid back sweetheart. I seriously love this girl!!