Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another trip to the Zoo!

Since the weather forcast didn't show rain or scattered thunderstorms we took advantage of the warm sunny weather and made another trip to the zoo! Gotta love memberships! This time me, Brayden and Aunt Katie took a trip!  We had a lot of fun despite how warm it was. It was a much more relaxed experience since we went during the week and it wasn't a holiday. I know, brilliant of us to go for the first time on Mother's Day!
We were able to see more and different exhibits and even get to the tree house!  Brayden had so much fun "testing" everything out and looking at all the animals!  This time at the petting zoo the sheep were out so he finally got to pet one.  

Dino Egg!

Baby giraffe! 

 Lazy gorilla!
 She looks sad but it's just her face, lol 
she had two babies that she was swinging around with! 


Since it has been pretty hot this week we finally brought Brayden's pirate ship water table outside and filled it up! He loves, loves, loves water so it totally made his day!  He had a ball and made a huge mess. And of course he tried to drink water out of every cup he could get his hands on!  Perfect toy for a hot day!

He thinks everything is funny!

So serious!

Mmmm Boat!

Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Months old and you are growing up TOO fast!

6 months come and gone! Wow the 6th month has probably been one of the craziest developmental months to date. I seriously can't believe my baby is 7 months old!  I don't want to come off as one of those overly boastful  or annoying mom's but Brayden is seriously too advanced with his gross motor skills.  Of course I am SO proud of him but at a mere 7 months he resembles more of a toddler than a baby. :(  He seriously needs to S...L...O...W down!  They are only little for so long!

Here's a recap of the past month!
*  In early April (5 months)Brayden was attempting to crawl. He would go one crawl (knee and knee) but that was it.

*  April 16th- FIRST TOOTH, after much agony the dang thing finally broke though! Thank god!!! lol But the second one is looming under the gums, who knows when it'll break through.
Showing off his first tooth!

*  April 18th- learned to sit himself up from a laying position :)
I'll do it myself mom! 

*  April 23rd- we introduced a sippy cup just to get him familiar with it, he's not too keen on it but is trying. He likes to chew on it more than anything. So for now we are doing a soft spout that when he chews water comes out.  He loves to drink from regular cups but that's obviously something he can't do on his own
I'd rather drink from the cup mom!

* May 1st! and he is OFF, Brayden is offically CRAWLING in full force!! We finished baby proofing anything and everything!
Silly boy crawling to get mommy!

*  May 6th- Brayden learned how to pull himself up on things in to a STANDING position! I found him the first time in his crib with his arms hanging over the rail! We had the crib dropped 1/2 way and thank god we did!  Now it's all the way down!
Look what i can do!

*  May 9th- loves to roll and kick balls by walking behind them while holding your hands!  Looks like we may have a soccer player on our hands ;) He's getting better at both!

*  May 13th- Learning to WAVE! It's a work in progress and he doesn't do it ALL the time but he's getting better at waving back at you.  SO cute! he does this little flick of the wrist or open and closes his hand.

*  May 19th- Holding on to the couch and the coffee table he took FOUR STEPS!   I'm offically speechless, well maybe not but I really wish he would slow down. For granted it took him almost a minute to complete the 4 steps but he didn't fall. He's only taken 1 or 2 today and he was practicing by walking behind his dino toy and holding the rails.  but mommy and daddy give him a lot of support and help so he doesn't fall with that toy.

See what I'm talking about?!! It's been an insane month! I really can't express how proud I am of him. He seems SO smart and so physically capable, it blows me away. He seems to be grasping purpose for things and loves to discover how to use his toys. He is anywhere and everywhere, sometimes he crawls so fast you have to be so quick. I swear kids have a gps beacon for anything and everything they are not suppose to get in to!  Even today I was picking up his toys and in the blink of an eye he managed to remember where the dogs water was and wanted to play in it... yeah that happened 2 times today! lol He must have a thick skull, lol as many times as he tried to pull himself up he had fallen over and bumped his head on the floor, but that doesn't seem to stop him!

I love that he sometimes calls out mama when he is sad but I don't think the relationship has really clicked for him yet so we are not counting it as his "first words".  I have a feeling he will be walking sooner than later, prob by the time he is 9 months at this rate. The past 7 months have been a whirlwind and have been such an amazing ride.  I can't wait to see what's in store for us next!

Happy 7 months Brayden Thomas!! OXOXO

First Hair Trim!

As much as I REALLY didn't want to cut Brayden's hair, I HAD to alteast trim the sides over his ears. The hair was always sticking out sideways and looked crazy! So being the documentary type of mom I am we had to take pics!
Of course he didn't want to sit still, what 6 month old does! But it turned out fine. When it's time for his first REAL haircut we are definitely taking him to the cute kiddie place!

Happy 1st Birthday Arianna!

Since Brayden is one the few boys amongst our circle of friends he has many girlfriends. lol Last sunday we attended Arianna's 1st Birthday party! She looked SO cute in her tutu and 1st birthday onesie!! Brayden had a great time crawling around and flirting with all the ladies!  He loved testing out Arianna's new birthday give a little power wheels car.  I think we are definitely going to have to get him one of his own!  Brayden HATES when people sing happy brithday, it never fails. I don't get why, he loves songs and loud noises and crows don't phase him, too funny! We had a great time at the party and hope that Arianna had a great 1st birthday!!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend! XO

Birthday girl!

What a FLIRT! 

Birthday cake!

Please don't tell anyone i was driving the princess car!

Hey that's MY ride :) 

Hey pretty lady, need a hand! What a gentlemen! haha! 
He kept trying to push the car for her! 

Typical brayden face! 

Water Table Fun!

We got Brayden a really fun pirate ship water table and he loves it! I actually haven't put outside or filled it with water yet b/c the weather has been so crappy but it has been awesome for in the living room.  It's seriously amazing how fast he is growing up. He loves standing and pulling himself up at the water table, and anything else for that matter. :)  In fact the one day he literally stood and played for 40 mins straight just playing at the table.  I love to watch him inspect his toys and try and figure them out but he always has to "test" them by banging them on an surface to make noise.  It can get a little noisy at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Of course everything goes right in the mouth, he has to taste everything! lol  Teething is partly to blame for that one.  He is always trying to crawl underneath the table and gets stuck, he is just too funny! The one day he was playing so intensely he managed to remove his pants and one sock while standing and kept playing! These are the kind of moments life is all about! :)

Mmmmm shark!

Big boy standing!

So curious!

I think i can make it!

Help mom i'm stuck! 

He was playing SO intently he lost his PANTS and a SOCK!!? 

First Mothers Day!

I am SO behind on posting and keeping up with my blog!

Finally getting to celebrate a mothers day was absolutely amazing! This year we weren't stressing or crying over failed cycles and it was a very welcome change.  Becoming a mom has been the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life. Conception, pregnancy and birth weren't the easiest on me but I would do it a hundred times over just to have my little miracle! I can not begin to explain how becoming a mom has changed my life, and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

For mothers day we decided to finally use our Philadelphia Zoo membership and took Brayden for the first time! He had so much fun and did really great! I'm not sure if he was more excited about all the people and kids or the animals. :)  We also went to the kids petting zoo and he had fun exploring and petting and feeding goats and llamas.   He loved the big animals the most, prob b/c they are easiest to see. Lol. We also got Brayden a tiger sippy straw cup as a souvenier to celebrate his first trip to the Zoo!We had an amazing day for my first mothers day as a family! :)

Checking out some animals!!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason!

Yesterday Jason celebrated his 32nd birthday! Unfortunately he had to work, but Brayden and I surprised him at work with some cupcakes and balloons.  We did a super hero theme birthday, lol yes a super hero theme for a 32 year old! Hey when its your birthday, you can act like a big kid! lol  Hopefully he had a great day!  I made him homemade PF Changs chicken lettuce wraps with jasmine rice and coconut shrimp  with spicy orange marmalade dip for dinner! MMM!!  For the cake he wanted the famous pound cake from Dibartolo's, in Oaklyn which as usual was amazing, I had the bakery do a Thor theme cake since he is excited about the movie this week! It turned out really cute!

Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and daddy!!  We LOVE YOU! XOX

Brayden helping daddy open presents, he's more interested in the paper!

mmmm dibartollo's!

Happy Birthday to you!!