Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day in the park!

On Monday Amy, Tom and Makenzie came over and we had a really nice day. We were to be watching Makenzie while they went to the Phillies Game for her birthday that night. During the afternoon we took a LONG walk down the the Redbank Battlefield Park, played and took lots of pics. It was a PERFECT day for the waterfront, it was warm, sunny and breezy!  Brayden and Makenzie had a BALL!  Bray is finally getting old enough where they can actually interact and play with Makenzie and not just sit there all boring. It's the cutest thing watching them together, not that I want them to grow up but it's definitely going to be fun to watch them grow up together!  I took SOO many pics, here are some of the highlights. I know it's a lot but how could I narrow it down! lol

Makenzie was a big girl pulling Brayden around! 

Watching the airplanes come in!


It was so breezy Makenzie almost blew away! lol

Of course he took his shoes off! 

Best Cousins Sharing snacks! 

The City line from the Waterfont!

Time for a bath! They had so much fun! 

IVF Baby onesie!

A while ago i was dabbling in some ideas on how to screen print t-shirts and stuff. Not my best craft but I made some random stuff for Brayden that I had completely forgot about.  I made this onesie to celebrate that he is our little IVF miracle.  :)  I actually took the picture we got from our ET (egg transfer) of our embryos and made a stencil out of it.  I thought it was a cute idea for him to wear a shirt with his "first picture" on it. lol Yes, I am that crazy. Haha.  It's not the BEST shirt but I think it's fine for hanging out around that house!  

Our grade A REALLY they were graded A! lol 

I find it truly amazing to think he was once this microscopic embryo and now he is my beautiful baby boy! 

Favorite Things #9: Annie's Homegrown Products (and SALE alert!)

I really love the Annie's Brand of products. We try and do as much natural and organic as possible for Brayden so I love finding affordable products that are one or both! I love having some simple go to foods that are easy to make for those meals when I need to make something quick.  The macaroni, shells and ravioli are a great idea if we are not able to make everything fresh.  Target actually had the different macaroni and some other goodies on sale this week for only $1. Which compared to most places can be 50%+ off the shelf price.  
Gotta love finding bargains on organic stuff!! 

Brayden LOVED his ravioli! 

Mac and Cheese with his natural turkey dog

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coloring Take 2!

Every time someone has a birthday I try and let Brayden "draw" with crayons on the persons card or little birthday sign we made. Needless to say it's usually pretty interesting and results in him eating his crayons. Thank goodness they are non toxic! lol  I did get him the triangle shaped crayons a while back and they are definitely the easiest thing for little ones to start out with.  Today we made birthday cards and he actually colored a little. I was super impressed! We traced his hands (in my mind a staple of all kid and he tried to eat them in between coloring but he had fun.  Maybe I am crazy for introducing crayons so early, i'm just hoping it'll teach him some form of focus since this kid can't ever sit still! lol

The 3 Stages of Brayden Coloring

Stage one: Discovering the Crayon 

Stage 2: Drawing!  (looks like maybe he IS right handed!)

Stage 3: Perfecting Drawing and eating another crayon lol 
(yup definitely my kid!!)

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks

I keep trying to find modifications for foods and recipes to make them more flavorful and kid
friendly. Here's my very informal recipe for Cinnamon Sugar French Toast sticks. They are
 great paired with fruit, drizzled with PB or even a touch of syrup for a fun "sticky" anytime 

I use wheat bread b/c that's what we always have but you can use any kind.
Yields: 6-8 french toast depending on how big the bread is since bigger bread soaks up more mixture

4 eggs
3 table spoons of milk
2-3 tsp of cinnamon (to taste, we like it REALLY cinnamon-y)
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp nutmeg (optional or to taste)

Whisk together all of the ingredients. Dip bread in mixture soaking up both sides.
 Cook them on both sides on griddle pan on med heat till egg mixture is fully cooked and browning the bread.
After they are cooked I cut off the edges for brayden then slice them long wise to make them "kid friendly". 

Warm up some PB so you can drizzle it on top or have it to dip! You can also add some chopped banana for fun! The possibilities are endless! 
Mmmm french toast and yogurt!! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hilarity does not ensue! The good and bad of my post surgical follow up

I had my post surgical follow up today... Fortunately we got GOOD news! THANK god! 
The OB said we caught it just in time, all of the cells they got out were CIN3(carcinoma in-situ stage 3). 
But they did get it all out and it hasn't spread. So at this point they'll do paps every 6 months till i get 2 back to back clear ones then I go every year.  I got a copy of the pathology report and took it right over my my IVF clinic so the dr could call me back as far as a timeline.  And here's where I get upset...  SO i just got off the phone with the RE(reproductive dr) not too long ago (yes she called me at almost 10pm but I'm glad she did) she said she took my report to their pathologist in her office and wanted to know what my OB explained to me. So I did and she said that the ob's explanation wasn't exactly accurate and that CIN3 cells are ACTUALLY cancer. And that they are isolated cells and haven't spread to surrounding tissues! WTH! I'm floored and kinda upset that the ob "played things down" for me. The RE was really 'delicate" 
about it and told me that she had spoke to her pathologist to get more info about the diagnosis and to get a good idea of the healing time and wanted to make sure I "fully" understood what was going on. Needless to say i'm feeling kinda indifferent. It was bad enough thinking it was pre-cancerous but knowing it was cancer REALLY scares the hell out of me. I'm not trying to start a pity party but I am WAY to young to be worried about stuff like this. Just the idea that I could leave my husband, son and family seems completely unimaginable.  It makes me have some serious anxiety just thinking about it.  

On a positive note the RE said i'd technically be good to do a FET (frozen embryo transfer)cycle in sept but she's prefer October to make sure i'm 100% healed. So at least we have a rough timeline in place and it gives me something to look forward to. This is probably going to sounds terrible but I'm glad we are going forth with trying to conceive again b/c after all of this I'm kind of scared that it could come back again. Next time I may not be as lucky and they'd have to do something radical. I know I should stay positive and not think like that but I really don't want Brayden to have to be an only child.  

Back to the rest of my OB appt... So the OB did give me a script to bloodwork done to reconfirm that I am RH sensitive. she said they almost never see this happen. If i definitely am sensitized it happens in less than 1% of patients who received the rhogam. OF COURSE!  I have to laugh b/c that's' my luck. As soon as we get pregnant again(see I'm thinking positive) I HAVE to see the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM aka high risk dr) for monitoring in the even I have an rh+ baby. She also said the LEEP procedure I had done can weaken my cervix so we have to keep that in mind and I'd have to see the MFM anyway. I also explained to her the insane cycle that I have been having. I got my cycle on my own and it was only 25 days! Now that's some record breaking stuff! lol  I've NEVER had a cycle that short on my own. Anyway, it's been insanely painful like labor contractions, TMI passing tissues and all kinds of non-classy nastyness (lol) and still hasn't stopped,
13 days later! At this point it is one of two things either my body is in shock from the procedure and i'm having an annovulatory bleed (aka i didn't ovulate but my body started a cycle) or there's the possibility for a miscarriage. So i'm going with shock, b/c I can't bear to process any more situations at this point. Plus the RE confirmed in June that I just don't ovulate. So unless I spontaneously ovulated there is absolutely no way.  

Needless to day I've been feeling really defeated and am over getting bad news. In light of it all I'm trying to stay positive and I feel really lucky that we caught things before they really took a turn for the worse. *sigh*

In celebration of the LEEP completely removing the cancerous cells
here's where the dr underlined it on my pathology report.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

I want to win this giveaway!!

I was super excited to see The Princess and the Pea Boutique AND Nattie Cakes Decor doing a Back  to school Glam giveaway! The vendors that donated have CUTEST stuff and they totally inspire me for my own creations!   Here's hoping I win the big prize!! Check them out!

Princess and the pea boutique blog!

nattiecakesdecor on Etsy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Birthday Countdown and DIY Projects!

I'm one of those complete Type A personalities when it comes to everything. (like you didn't already know that if you are reading my blog!)  So of course I have myself all excited and planning all types of DIY projects and cute things for Brayden's first birthday. Yes, it is 2 months away but i'd rather take my time and have fun with it. I have a list of all the things I'm doing from cake to cupcakes, home made photoshop invitations, banners, balloon wreaths, personalized cupcake toppers, diy cupcake tower, personalized labels, special treats/snacks and so on.  Hey a kid is only ONE once right!? It's great b/c all these projects give me a creative outlet and let this frugal mom save some money at the same time!

So far I got done my bunting!  I did two long strands about 14 feet each that are double sided card stock laced with ribbon.  I'm going to hang them in the living room from side to side. I think they turned out adorable!  The theme for his party is animals and I'm doing all the colors to match the cake plates and napkins in aqua/turquoise, lime green and orange. The paper has different patterns and prints and happened to be all the colors that I needed.  I found a card stock book at the craft store SUPER cheap and I already had the ribbon so it was a great way to go!

More pics and details to come as I get things done/made! I LOVE PARTY PLANNING!! I'm for hire if anyone wants me :)

Fork Please!

My son is trying to be WAY too independent. For the last few weeks he's been obsessed with using forks.  I know I am forever saying he is "obsessed" with things but this kid really gets bound and determined to do things!  He seriously amazes me every day.  I'm seriously impressed with his skills with a fork. He knows exactly what it is and what it does. He's really good at stabbing food and managed to get half of it in his mouth. lol Heck i'd be impressed if any made it in but he exceeded my hopes. haha.  I have to get some good pics but I did post a quick video from my phone on FB with him using a fork. Of coures he does better when I'm NOT trying to catch it on video but I still think it's cute! :)  

Click to see ---> Brayden using a fork! 

 A fun pic of his eating adventures! 

Brushing Teeth!

Since Brayden was 4 months old we've been "brushing his teeth".  I put that in quotes since his first tooth didn't actually break through until he was just shy of 6 months, but we would brush his gums to get the habit.  So far our diligence has paid off and he loves brushing his teeth.  He also gets a kick out of watching other people brush their teeth. I'll put him in his highchair while I get ready in the morning (since our bathroom is on the first floor) and he will lean forward and crane his neck so he can watch or look at you in the mirror. Too cute!  With in the last month he's been insistent that he has to brush his own teeth. In other words let the battles begin!  lol Since he's a "big boy" now, he needs to do everything on his own. I'm lucky if i get a few swiped in before he has to do it himself. So now i end up letting him hold the toothbrush and TRY and guide his hands to do the job right.  Needless to say it's interesting. Then i let him "brush his own teeth" for a few minutes while i do my own.  Otherwise a tantrum ensues if you take it away too early! This morning I got some pics of him doing it all on his own! I swear this boy thinks he's 1 year already!

Somebody LOVES brushing his teeth! 

He's ambidextrous.. still can't figure out if he's lefty or righty! 
His expressions kill me! 

 I do it myself mom!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cutest Boy Ever!!! okay...maybe I'm biased :)

Okay so I just feel like posting some super cute Brayden pics to brighten my mood since I'm still feeling sick.  This little boy makes everything better! :) 

All dressed up!! 
 The loves of my life! 
 Sleepy head on the way back from NY! 
He doesn't usually watch tv but he was entranced! lol 

Apparently walking isn't good enough he needs to RUN!

TIRED boy!! Hence the binkie face!

Favorite Things #8: SUPER wide baby gate

I had the worst time trying to find a baby gate that would allow us to keep Brayden in the living room. The opening is a strange size since the house is really old (63"). The stairs that go up to our second floor are weird in that there isn't a rail at the bottom and there is a gap on the left side. Which means it won't allow for a gate at bottom until the 4th step. Since brayden is a "professional climber" at this point we thought it would be easier to keep in in the living room and not have to worry about it.  I looked everywhere to find a gate that would fit.  I finally found one on amazon. I freaking love amazon. The gate goes up to 6 feet. It is wall mounted, has a walk through door, is a nice espresso brown and is extra tall, only for $85!  Compared to the price of things I was finding on other sites and in stores it was a steal. And as a bonus i was free second day shipping with my free prime.  LOVE that!

It's great to even keep the dog in or out!
 Apparently it's strong b/c Brayden likes to shake it to "test" it!

Favorite Things #7: Panda Door Stopper

My son is obsessed with with doors, gates, cabinets, you name it! He loves to open and close them over and over and over.  When I was at Buy Buy Baby shopping for a friends baby shower I came across this adorable panda door stopper. I am always worried about him closing his hands in the door, which he has done on numerous occasions.  The stopper was only 2.99 and allows the cat to get in and out to his box so we don't have to keep the door closed all the time.  Makes my life easier and the baby can play with the door all he wants.  :)  

Monday, August 1, 2011

Brayden's 1st Haircut!

We took Brayden on Saturday to get his first haircut and he did great!  His hair was getting longer to the point where it was starting to curl but not really so it would stick out in wierd places on the sides and back and be straight and in his eyes in the front. Apparently he has a combination or mommy's fine hair and daddy's curls when he was a baby!

He wasn't quite sure what to think of a haircut but he did great! He got to sit in a "lightening mcqueen" car from Cars and "drive" while he got his hair done. Of course being the nosy body that he is he kept wanting to look at the lady while she was cutting his hair. A few minutes in mommy had to help hold his head and keep him from standing up in the car so she could finish the haircut.  He didn't cry at all!  He fell asleep in the car on the way over so he was nice and calm and "binkied" up. lol I think it turned out cute! Now we can add a little gel and spike it. I do hate how when you first get a haircut the front like of the hair looks almost deliberate, but she had a hard time cross cutting to make it look more blended since someone wouldn't sit still! lol 

When we were done we got a "certificate of the big event", a sticker and a lock of hair to take home. LOL the Certificate is actually really ugly but I'll save it for his baby book.  We took him to Kids Kuts in West Deptford. They were quick and we maybe waited like 2 mins for a turn! 

PS. getting his hair cut really makes him look older :(  No more baby face!

HAHA love this face!!

Mommy TRYING to keep him sitting lol
 All done!