Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer fun!!!

So far this summer has been a lot of fun!  We've been bbq'ing, going to the zoo, swimming and made it to the beach!  We took Brayden to Wildwood for the first time on my birthday! I was not at all suprised but he LOVED the beach! He wasn't quite sure what to make of the sand but he quickly warmed up and had a ball playing with all his sand toys, making castles and playing drums on his buckets! 

This kid LOVES LOVES the water! If i haven't emphasized it before, he can not get enough of the water.  Whether we are swimming, playing in the kiddie pool, playing at that water table or walking in the ocean he loves every minute of it! He gets the biggest smile on his face and screams, laughs and kicks.  When we first when in to the ocean at the beach he seemed a little unsure, but once his little toes felt the water he starting trying to run right in holding our hands!  He is too much! But he found out quick once the waves started coming that the ocean makes "big spashes" lol.  Since the water wasn't warm but not too cold we had to take him in a few times so his handsd and feet didn't turn completely purple and pruney!

Napping on the beach and people watching!

After the beach we hit up the boardwalk, ate some delicious Macks Pizza, played games to win Brayden his first boardwalk prize and even got some icecream and water ice.  We had a great time but it was a really long day, and with only one nap for brayden the whole time he was spent! 


 Ohhh win me a prize!!!

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