Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite things #6: disposable place mats and cart/highchair cover

Anytime we go anywhere to eat i take two things with us. 1- the cart/highchair cover and 2- disposable place mats. Knowing how temping everything is for Brayden to put his mouth and anything and everything these are invaluable!  I'm not a total germo-phob but I know that places do NOT clean thier stuff up to my standards. In fact i don't ever think i have seen a high chair get cleaned after we use one. 

For now I have been using these sesame street table stickies and they work awesome. they have fun character on them and are colorful. and it sticks at the top and bottom so i wrap the one side under the table. Since brayden loves to chew the end of the table it's a necessity. lol 

Since these aren't the most "green" products I was thinking of getting one of the rubber ones that you can keep reusing, i need to find a good deal on one. with my amazon obsession i'm sure i'll be getting it from there! lol

HAHAHAHA! this pic is HILARIOUS! and he's using both his seat cover and place mat!
- it's his "are you serious!?!?" face

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