Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite things #4: Easy and Cheap Food Faves

Everyone had products that they swear by or will only buy certain brands of. I can be that way about certain things like OJ, PB and so on. These are just some random stuff I always have in my cabinet that I absolutely love. Even better I can get them on sale and use coupons. 

 I love this premade mix for pancakes and waffles. The trick for waffles is to use club soda instead of water, it makes the waffles nice and light and fluffy!  Of course whether I'm making home made batter or box mix I love to jazz up the pancakes with fruit, PB spices like cinnamon or even some flavored chocolate chips.

 Make puppy dog pancakes! Use one for a face, cut one in half to make two ears, use blueberries for eyes and nose and/or strawberry slices for tongue/nose. You can even use whip cream to make hair!
Catepillar Pancakes!  You can make little round pancakes and put them in a line! decorate one with a face!
NOT my PHOTOS but just something to help you vizualize!

We love all kinds of beans and different kinds of rice. I love the Zatarain's rices they give you the best of both worlds, you can get them reasonably priced, there's pretty good for you (despite some sodium) and are a super easy side for dinner. Simmer for 25 mins while you're getting dinner ready and you're good to go!

My girlfriend Patti had a Tastefully Simple Party and I LOVE LOVE this beer bread! You can opt to use any carbonated drink but it is so SWEET and delicious.  I definitely need to get some more! 
More fun foods to come! I'm also going to start posting my FAV RECIPIES!!! Stay tuned!!

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