Friday, July 15, 2011

Toys... who needs toys?!

Like every kid I know, they have a ton of toys but they always want to play with things that are not toys! Brayden is def not the excpetion! That boy is in to anything and everything he can get his hands on. The wierder the item the more insistant he is that he HAS to play with it! lol Of course I don't have pictures of all the stuff he gets in to b/c usually it's not "safe" for baby, but sometimes it just down right cute!

He is OBSESSED with under the coffee table, i hate it but it's the least of my battles. lol 

Storage Container: everything is a drum!
 The fridge: he books it everytime he sees the door opens! hilarious!
 The Dog's Crate: he is always trying to climb in it, open and close it, climb on it

 Containers: again anything can be a drum :)

A cooler: don't know what's up with this face but i think it's hilarous! 

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