Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy 1st Easter Brayden!

Brayden had a great 1st Easter!  It was a long and exhausting day but we had fun! Brayden loved going through his easter basket! Of course he wanted to play with the easter grass and chew on anything could get his hands on!   

 We headed to church in the morning, which as usual he got a little fussy so I had to take him to stand in the back.  Apparently "Alleluia" was a little too much  for him! :)   We then headed to grammy and pop pops where I made breakfast for everyone and spent the day their with family and lots of food! Brayden REFUSED to nap! I think we got on ONE very short nap all day, needless to say he was a little moody here and there but did really well overall! 
Look CARS dvd!

 Somebody is TIRED!

 We also had an egg hunt in the yard! Brayden loves playing in the grass. Daddy and Makenzie helped him find all of his eggs!  

Brayden absolutely loves mashed potatoes!  I was really worried about letting him have a taste with his milk protein intolerance but decided to give it a try and he did great (and no tummy issues last night!) He had so much fun eating and made a big mess!  

Easter Cupcakes!

I wanted to try something new for icing the cupcakes. i found some ideas online but of course i didn't have the right tips and it was after the stores were closed. So it took 20 cupcakes but i think i eventually got the idea with a smaller size tip.  I think they turned out okay.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we went to Johnson's Farm in Medford for a little Easter Fun! Every holiday they always have cute things for kids to do! Even though Brayden is still pretty little I knew he would have a ball on the egg hunt!

To get to the egg hunt we had to go on a hayride! Brayden loved watching all the kids and made all kinds of friends!

When we reached the field/tree line they had all of the kids sit on bales of hay to tell them Peter Rabbit needed their help! It was adorable!  Each kid had to find one egg in each of the 5 colors and they got a prize for helping Peter Rabbit collect all his eggs for Easter!

Then we were off!! He had fun picking out which egg was the best!  And tried to eat most of them! Typical Brayden! 
All these for me?! 

Where do I start?!

I'll take this one! 

Can i have all of these?!


A little video! Of course he's trying to put them in his mouth! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Eggs! (video)

A mini video of Brayden dying his first Easter egg!  What a big boy!

Happy 6 months!

Seriously how did 6 months go by since Brayden has been born!  He is getting SO big and seems to be so ahead of schedule on things. I guess those extra week and 3 days he stayed in after 40 weeks paid off! lol
He's been up to so much!

At 4 months he was sitting on his own, 5 1/2 months he learned to sit himself up from a laying position and now at 6 months he can crawl backward and almost has forwards! I'm so proud of him! He LOVES to stand up! He loves to stand and try and walk around and chase the dog. When he sits he does the excited/happy bounce, it's the CUTEST thing! His laughter and smile melt my heart!

He's now eating 3 times per day, as per the pediatrician. Because he is SO active he hasn't been gaining too much, but he is gaining. At his 6 month appt he was 28 1/4 inches tall and 16lb and 8oz!  He LOVES food, he always makes faces when he first starts eating even when he's eating his favorites. I would love to know what goes through his head!  He's really good at holding food and chewing/feeding himself.  Now that he has his first tooth he's going nuts, but we have to be super careful so that he doesn't choke. He is NOT a good teether!  He has his moments but breakthrough is the easiest for him.

He gets about 4, 6oz bottles per day and his bedtime we do 8oz.  Teething is reeking havoc on his bottle feedings but he's been doing better.  We are still on the Alimentum. As expensive it is, it is a miracle formula to me, it helps his reflux and keeps the milk protein intolerance in check.

Babbling! i love love his babbling! The other day he was crying MAMA in daddy lap but we weren't sure if he was actually crying for me. I picked him up and he was happy, but we aren't counting it as first words till he keeps doing it, so we know it wasn't just a fluke!

Life has definitely been an adventure since we had him, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! You really can't describe the bond and love you feel for a child.  I am just so in LOVE!  I hate to see him get older, but the older he gets the more fun he is! it's amazing to watch him grow!

Now to take a trip down memory lane....

Just Born!! poor kid was SO swollen after 
34.5 hours of labor and 4 of that pushing! 

First week home! 
What a CHUNKER face! 

1 month old! 

2 months old!

3 months old! 

4 months old!

5 months old!

6 months old! 

Team Silent Courage Supports Alzheimers!

On September 10th, we are a participating in the Alzheimers walk at Citizens Bank Park in Philly.  We are doing the walk in honor of Jason's dad Rich and in memory of my Aunt and Godmother that passed, Joan Nolte.  Jason came up with our team name in commemoration of his dad.  This cause is really close to the heart for our families and we would love for you to participate along with us.

Please JOIN us to walk or make a donation. Visit Team Silent Courage! to do your part :)

Grandpa and Brayden!! :) 

Monday, April 18, 2011


Brayden had SO much fun dying eggs for Easter at grammy and pop pop Nolte's house!  At first he really didn't know what to make of it and of course his first response is to immediately put the eggs in his mouth! Typical Brayden. lol Auntie Katie and Daddy showed him how to dip and drop the eggs in the dye and roll it around. It was the cutest thing! He had a ball and got multicolored hands and face doing it!  He kept biting his eggs with his new tooth and cracking them and dropping them on the floor. Aaahh the wonders of gravity! :)

He almost did a full out crawl forward today too!! He has been up on his knees for a few weeks and moves backwards but he's still trying so hard to get the hand/leg coordination down.  It's adorable! i'm sure he will wait till easter for his first forward crawl since he likes to be a show off on the holidays and do new things! lol

Here's some cute pics of dying eggs!!

MMMM eggs!

Like this??! 


MMMM green dye!

Ohhh i wanna make an orange one!

NOOOOO don't take away my eggs! 

You can tell which ones Brayden made
he chewed them!! :P 

One last visit!

Yesterday we went up to visit grandma and grandpa Keyser one last time at their home in Oakland.  I'm sure they are sad to move from the home that Jason grew up in, but we are super excited for their new home to finish being built in Deptford only 10 mins away from us!! Only about a month or so to go, they are moving on June 8th!!
It must have been bittersweet for Jason knowing it was the last time that he would set foot in his childhood home. We are going to miss the delicious Oakland pizza meatballs and food and the amazing bagels!! lol Guess we will have to make special trips for some yummy treats :)

Hanging out with my Grandpa!


 Love my Grandma!

Sitting at the big boy table in a booster seat!