Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brayden's 1st Vacation...Rehoboth Beach!

We went on vacation to Rehoboth Beach, DE with Jason's mom and dad! We had a great time, got lots of sun and ate some really great food! I had never been to Rehoboth before but it was really nice. It was a very family friendly and clean area. It was definitely a different atmosphere than the beaches I have grown up going to but we had so much fun!

Brayden LOVES the beach and the water. The water was a little cool so we made multiple trips in an out to not freeze our butts off!  We made sand castles, mommy got in a little reading and tanning (gotta love that!) and took walkes on the boardwalk! 

I love that Brayden is really adventurous with what he eats. He has been eating solid table food since he was 7 months old. He was over purees only 3 months in. Which i know is my own doing, b/c we would give him whole food like a strawberry to num num on at 4 months so he learned to love textures and holding food. The way I see it, it's all the better!  Now we can just take him places with us, bring a sippy cup and some snacks to tide him over and don't have to haul around baby food!  While on vacation he ate like a king! lol I think his favorite new food would have to be calamari! he had it two nights in a row and housed it! he had crab cakes, boardwalk pizza, fettucini alfredo and so much more. We were excited to also be able to give him his first taste of icecream since he'd finally outgrown his milk protein intolerance! He liked it, but wasn't sure about it. He liked daddy's vanilla better than my mint chocolate chip!


Each night we took him on the boardwalk to people watch, play games and get some dessert!  We won him a bunch of stuffed toys, got him a souvenier pirate t-shirt and he got to ride the carosel for the first time! He was pretty tired but seemed to have a great time! 
Eating fruit poolside!
 Rolling 10 toys deep! lol

Getting icecream with grandma and grandpa!
First Carousel Ride! You know he was sooo tired if he has a binky!!

Sleeping was a NIGHTMARE! lol we brought his pack and play, cuddly(aka his blanket) and his music glo sea horse but it didn't help. every night he was waking up crying every hour. We tried letting him sleep with us but he kept moving too much, putting his face in to pillow and things where he woudln't of been able to breath. I'm not suprised b/c he constantly moves in his crib all night long. Poor kid is like mommy in that sense. By the last night we got a 5 hour stretch in there but needless to say coming home to our own beds was a beautiful thing. :) I think he is just so use to his crib and regular routine that even though he was right next to us in the PNP it just wasn't the same. Poor kid. Hopefully next time he will do better. 

Over all we had a great trip, we did have a few mishaps where mom and dad fell, mom broke her toe and dad ended up taking a trip to the hospital and got a few staples. Fortunately everyone was okay overall, mom's toe just looks like it hurts like hell!  Poor thing!  Here's hoping next time we get to vaca together things goes a little better. 

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