Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 9 months Brayden!

I'm still WAY behind on posting but I'm trying to catch up! With vacation, party planning and drs appts it's been busy!

I seriously can't believe Brayden is 9 months old! Everyonee says time goes by fast but there is NO way you can prepare for it! :)  As usual Brayden never ceases to amaze me with everything he is learning! He is more and more mobile, walking holding on to things, trying to take steps on his own and pushes toys all over the house!  He loves talking,  screeching, and roaring like a dinosaur. He knows and can identify mama, dada and baba, he point to things and talks, and is trying to learn a few other words.  He also got 2 teeth this month leaving him with 4 total! He is still not the best teether, but what kid is.  I love his toothy little grin! He definitely does NOT look like a baby any more!

He is still insanely tall and skinny.  Lucky kid got pop pop Nolte's metabolism!  He LOVES to eat table food and has become more adventurous! This month we followed up with the gastro with his milk protein and reflux issues. We changed his formula back to Similac Sensitive from the Alimentum to "test" his MPI and he has done WONDERFUL! So we were able to start introducing cheeses, yogurt and anything else he wants. It has really enabled him to eat SO much more!  He's been dropped to one dose of his prevacid and has been doing well with only a little spitting up.  And we stop the meds all together in about 2 weeks. I'm a little nervous about that but with how great he has been doing, i'm sure it'll all go smoothly. 

Braydens sleeping patterns haven't changed too much.  He goes to sleep around 8pm and sleeps till about 8am give or take.  He has been still waking up for a bottle. A dilemma we have been trying to break. But with his teething it makes it really hard. If he's not taking his full bottles during the day he's waking up. Some times I can just rock him back to sleep.  He takes two naps a day, one around 11:30 or so and again around 4. His earlier nap is usually the longer one. 

This little man is definitely a div-o! (the boy version of a diva. lol) He wants what he wants, when he wants it and boy-o-boy does he let you know it! He can be the happiest baby ever and the next minute throw a temper tantrum! Guess we are in for it when we gets older!

So much more going on but i'll save it for other posts!


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