Monday, August 1, 2011

Brayden's 1st Haircut!

We took Brayden on Saturday to get his first haircut and he did great!  His hair was getting longer to the point where it was starting to curl but not really so it would stick out in wierd places on the sides and back and be straight and in his eyes in the front. Apparently he has a combination or mommy's fine hair and daddy's curls when he was a baby!

He wasn't quite sure what to think of a haircut but he did great! He got to sit in a "lightening mcqueen" car from Cars and "drive" while he got his hair done. Of course being the nosy body that he is he kept wanting to look at the lady while she was cutting his hair. A few minutes in mommy had to help hold his head and keep him from standing up in the car so she could finish the haircut.  He didn't cry at all!  He fell asleep in the car on the way over so he was nice and calm and "binkied" up. lol I think it turned out cute! Now we can add a little gel and spike it. I do hate how when you first get a haircut the front like of the hair looks almost deliberate, but she had a hard time cross cutting to make it look more blended since someone wouldn't sit still! lol 

When we were done we got a "certificate of the big event", a sticker and a lock of hair to take home. LOL the Certificate is actually really ugly but I'll save it for his baby book.  We took him to Kids Kuts in West Deptford. They were quick and we maybe waited like 2 mins for a turn! 

PS. getting his hair cut really makes him look older :(  No more baby face!

HAHA love this face!!

Mommy TRYING to keep him sitting lol
 All done!

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