Friday, September 9, 2011

10 months old!

Okay again I am seriously behind on my blogging!  Uggh I need to be more diligent on doing them as things come up!  lol

Happy 10 Months Brayden Thomas!! 
(i'm sorry but isn't this the cutest face EVER! lol maybe i'm impartial!!) 

Two weeks ago Brayden Turned 10 months old! I seriously don't know how this is possible! In turning ten months I am jumping full force in to birthday planning! Despite having a ton of fun doing DIY projects I am in some serious denial!  The transition from 9 to 10 months has been very exciting for Brayden! Just after turning 9 months he took his first steps in his adventure in walking! Or drunk walking as we call it! Seriously walking?!!! This boy is such an overachiever! lol  At 10 months he is doing much better with walking, turning with no problem popping up and down with out assistance and almost has his balance down so he doesn't look like he's "tipsy"all the time.  With walking had come another world of TRYING to babyproof and make things safe for him.  We do our best but he still manages to bruise, bump and even scratch himself falling on his toys and on the floor.  I find it amazing and almost baffling to watch such a little guy walking around like he's a big kid, he almost looks out of place running around chasing other kids and the pets.

This boy is a TALKER!  We are going to be in for it when he is older.  Whether playing by himself, chasing after pets or playing with someone he loves to talk, screech, scream, babble, you name it.  :)  I think he is doing really well with vocabulary for a 10 month old. He already new mama, dada and baba, but now he's working on dog, diaper, cup, nap and "attempt's" a few more sounds to mimic what you are saying.  Guess that means we are on the right track!

At 10 months Brayden finally hit 20lbs(23%) and is 31 inches(95%) tall! Again off the charts for height!  When I took him to the pedes yesterday she was commenting how is the tallest 10 month old she's seen in a LONG time lol!  Looks like someone may be even taller than daddy!! He is still taking 4 (8oz) bottles a day and eats 3 full meals and snacks in between. So the boy is definitely eating. We are working on dropping that last bottle off in hopes that we can get him down to 3 bottles a day at 11 months. But the way it looks I don't know if that is going to happen. He is suppose to be on 24 oz of milk but at this point he's taking in 32.  By 12 month that pedes wants him on 12-16 but that may be a stretch. Guess we will see.  We are STILL fighting with him waking up at night. The dr did put me at ease b/c she said based on his behaviors when waking it IS that he is definitely hungry and not necessarily a habit. Brayden has never been the best sleeper by any means.  So getting up 1x isn't the worst of situations.  He still goes to bed around 8pm and had been waking up around 5-ish (give or take) for a bottle then goes back to sleep till about 8 or so.  So a solid 9-10 hour stretch from his last bottles isn't that bad. I guess I'm lucky he goes back to sleep and isn't up for the day that early.  :)

He hates milk! I have been giving him whole milk in a sippy cup for 2 months and he HATES the taste of it. When he turns 11 months I am going to switch his bottles to 50/50 formula and milk and reduce the amount of formula from there. Hopefully that'll help ease the transition. If i can just get him drinking milk from a bottle that would be great. Then we can work on knocking back the amount of milk he is taking in.  I'm not really "stressed" about all of this but I'm just hoping the transition goes better than i anticipate.

He is a pro at the sippy cup! lol We've been usingTommee Tippee Cups since he was 4 months and he hasn't had any issues with them. We started out with the one with handles but honestly I find he does SO much better with the bigger cup with out them. With the handles it seemed like he was having a harder time tipping the cup up.  Brayden wants to be REALLY independent! lol  He always wants to do everything himself, which is great and a pain at the same time. I have a feeling that I only going to get worse as he gets older. He's really good at feeding himself with a fork. He will eat with a fork in one hand and use the other hand to feed himself at the same time. We usually have to help/encourage him to keep eating or he gets distracted and wants to feed the dog, swipe at his food or throw it on the floor.

My son is a "drama king"! This kid throws that nastiest temper tantrums!  He can be so sweet and the next minute he is screeching, throwing himself on the ground and screaming and crying. I can't imagine if it's like this now how much worse it's going to get.  But we don't feed in to his "games"  I'm trying to teach him nicely that we don't have tantrums and you're not getting things b/c you throw a fit. So i guess we will see if it helps his manners. I know I hate seeing older kids that have NO manners, that is prob one of my biggest pet peeves, so i'm trying to start early.

I could prob go on and on about all the little changes that go on every day! I seriously find it amazing to watch him grow up and turn in to the little boy he is becoming, my little man isn't a baby anymore :(  

Happy 10 months mommy's little man! I love you! XOXO  Brayden seriously has like 1000 faces and it's hilarious! So I'm HAVE to attach a variety of funny pics, It took Aunt Katies and I a TON of shots just to get a few good ones! Ahhh I love life with this little guy!

Sitting Still?!! How did she catch this!? 

His "DEVILISH" smile!! Watch out ladies! 

SO playful!

Haha he was yelling at us! 

He's obsessed with walking around with his Labor Day Balloon! 

Whats up with the sad face?!! Somebody's tired!

His "you caught me" face! lol


WHAT do you want mom!?

Yelling for the fun of it! lol 

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