Saturday, September 24, 2011

TTC Baby#2: October cycle cancelled... we seriously need to catch a break!

Uggh so i had my baseline blood work and ultrasound today for our FET(frozen embryo transfer) cycle.  Apparently there was an "abnormality" aka white spot showing on the u/s in my uterus. the RE is hoping it''ll just resolve/shed itself while i have my period so i go back on tues for another u/s.  The RE I talk to today was a different one than i saw last time. She also said that she wants me to wait another month b/c of the LEEP procedure i had done in July, even though the other RE said it was okay. She said she usually doesn't like her patients to do ivf earlier than 6 months vs the 2-3 that the other RE and OB told me. She kept reiterating how severe the cells were that they took out of me and that the procedure does shorten your cervix and i'm already at risk for pre-term labor.  Yes i know she is trying to give me full disclosure but I already talked to my other RE about this and I am fully aware.  I'm just really frustrated right now.  If the spot doesn't resolve they want me to get another sonohysterogram, which showed a perfect lining 2 months ago. But it's also another 400 i wasn't planning on having to fork out.  uggh. So for now we are cancelling and she's putting me on bcp for 1 month so i get a cycle and am not at the mercy of my instance 40-80 day usual cycles.  And i had a measurable cyst so it'l help with that.  Never dull moment. I'm trying to stay positive and hoping tues shows that the spot had resolved itself.  In the mean time, they want me to set up an appointment with the MFM (maternal fetal medicine: high risk dr) to discuss a game plan with her about how they will monitor my cervix and all when I do get pregnant. So i will be calling to make that appt on Monday.  Here's hoping the next few weeks go quickly and everything turns out okay. There is definitely a lot going on to keep me busy with Brayden's birthday, parties, a wedding and Halloween.  :)  I am just REALLY disappointed that we are canceling. I just feel like sometimes I can't catch a break. I would really appreciate if things would go smoothly for a change, but It's me we are talking about, i never do things easy :)

I took a pic of the "white spot ultrasound" before I handed it in.  It's the spot in the middle.

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