Friday, September 9, 2011

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornado's Oh My!

Are we sure we are still living in NJ??? August was a crazy weather month.  It was more like one week of shenanigans, on Tues the 26th, Aug we had an earthquake. It started in VA and made it all the way up to Canada and down to Georgia.  That weekend we had a hurricane (Irene) come up the coast and were in a tornado warning b/c on had touched down in our area. Needless to say I was a little unnerved.

 I don't think I was actually paranoid the hurricane was going to hit our home, but I was more concerned with losing power, our basement flooding and our neighbors old tree falling on our house. With our home being older (built in 1936) it is definitely not built for high winds or extreme conditions. lol  In the long run we made out better than was anticipated but being a mom definitely put me on edge. We got the smallest amount of water in our basement and fortunately the  neighbors tree only lost a few small branches. It was definitely an experience!   I just "had" to write his first earthquake and hurricane in the baby book.... hey it was a first right?! lol

Here's some fun pics of us "camping" out in the living room.  Brayden's room is right under the neighbors tree so when we got a tornado warning we brought him down and slept on the air mattress.

HAHA! I had to do an "I Survived" pic! LOL "My first Hurricane" haha

Brayden "gathering" the essentials! lol 

 Camping out! 

"here daddy i'll help!"

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