Monday, September 12, 2011

TTC Baby#2: One cycle away!! warning very TMI :)

I finally started my cycle. You gotta love PCOS (NOT!!!) and never knowing when the hell your cycle is actually going to start.  Even better it was a great cycle by my standards and was only 38 days. For me that is something to celebrate, especially when you consider my average cycle goes from 45-75 days.  But the joke is on me for celebrating because despite my "short" cycle it is HORRIBLE. (here's where the tmi starts if it already hasn't lol) Not only is the pain borderline "contraction like" and non stop but the flow is insane.  All i know is this is reason # 34543534 why I would love to be pregnant again. lol Those 9 glorious months of no cycle are a beautiful thing, and in the end you get a baby, BONUS! lol  Okay I really shouldn't complain. I talk to and know plenty of girls that NEVER get a cycle on their own with out medication so i should count myself lucky.

Back to the point... So despite the pain i am going through i am actually excited b/c this means we are almost to our FET cycle!! Since getting postponed in June it felt like it was NEVER going to come.  Now we're trying to figure out a game plan. This month we are going to induce my cycle instead of playing "Russian roulette" and seeing how things go. lol October and November looks like they are going to be so busy with Brayden's birthday, a handful of other birthday parties, Halloween, a wedding, an engagement party, then starting the holidays. In the midst of it all we are trying to fit in the FET. So the game plan is to induce my cycle really early rather than later. At my clinic the FET usually takes place on cycle day 19 (give or take based on how good your lining looks and your embryos thaw). So we are going to try and squeeze everything in the week before Brayden's 1st Birthday. I know that sounds backwards and nuts but it will actually work out best. The first 2 days I need to be on bed rest then i can go back to normal movement with the exception of the 10lb lifting restriction. That's going to be a problem NO matter when we do it with an almost 1 year old weighing 20 lbs. So i'm not even factoring that in.  Plus this way I will be busy getting ready and making food for Brayden's party so it'll all help keep my mind of the 2 week wait.  We were worried about doing it after his birthday b/c I didn't want to miss out on his first real trick or treating or my girlfriends wedding and other girlfriends daughters birthday. So here is hoping everything goes to plan. We know how I LOVE to do things smoothly! haha!!   So looks like I will be starting Provera this upcoming Saturday to get the ball rolling!  (For those who don't know what Provera is, it's progesterone pills that you take for 10 days and it induces your cycle). So now we count down!!!

Aside from planning out things we have been talking about the prospect of twins. I am actually a little nervous about this with already have one. Even after I talked to the RE months ago she still recommended we transfer 2 embryos and that's the way we are going to go.  We have two reasons for making this decision. #1, Brayden was one of 2 embryo's transferred. The second baby didn't make it past 5/6 weeks so knowing this we don't want to go through a cycle and have nothing implant. #2, we are all out of pocket at this point. My insurance through MW had covered our IVF cycle when we had Brayden. Even if I hadn't lost my job we exhausted all of our benefits and our insurance through Jason's job doesn't cover anything, not even blood work and ultrasounds! Thank you Aetna and ARI. lol Anyway, the whole cycle from pre-ivf testing, meds, bloodwork/ultrasounds package and the actual FET is about 4k. So needless to say if this god forbid didn't work (which is HAS to) we'd have to wait a long while to re-save enough for another go.  That being said, I'm still a little nervous about the prospect of twins but at this point the way we see it, it's all or nothing and what's meant to be will happen an we will make it work.  Of course I am getting way ahead of myself but we have to be realistic and open minded.  

For now we are  keeping our fingers crossed and hoping and praying for our little miracle baby #2!! 

And because every blog deserves a picture!  This little man deserves a sibling :)  
Look at that face!! Watch out ladies! 
Okay I had to post 2 ! :) 

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