Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley!

Yes, I'm blogging about my dogs birthday! And YES i am one of those that "celebrates" their dogs birthday. I didn't go crazy or anything but she did get a special dinner, which she lovingly threw up (yeah a gift for ME!) lol, and we gave her a pancake with 3 candles in it.  If you know my dog I always joke that she is 3 shades of retarded. Seriously! Sometimes she does stuff that baffles me, she hates outside, REALLY? a dog that doesn't want to go outside, can't drive in the car with out being sedated, the list goes on. BUT I do love her. She may be a little "special" but she's my special puppy.  lol  Even more Brayden REALLY loves her and she makes him laugh and smile all day which makes all all of her shenanigans worth it.  :)

So the pancake... I knew this would be trouble, this dog can't be near food with out jumping on it. I have tried all kinds of training since we got her at 4 months and she's just nuts. I had to hold her collar while we sang her happy birthday, hence the crazy face in her pics. Then she decided to put the candles out with her nose. She didn't get hurt or anything but it was seriously hilarious.  Yes i am that amused. You had to be there.

Happy 3rd Birthday Riley!  
Haha her "yoda" ears b/c she doesn't get why she can't eat it yet  
 I'm just gonna blow out he candles "i swear"! 
I LOVE this picture! it's so typical Brayden! In love with her and she's like 
someone PLEASE get this kid off of me! 

Riley @ 4 months when we adopted her! 
 Riley @ 2 years old
 Riley @ 3 years old
Disregard her nails! lol she literally attacks you when you cut her nails b/c she gets this seasonal allergy where her paws rash out so she doesn't like them touched when they are okay.   I didn't cut them till after the pic. 

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