Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A day in the park!

On Monday Amy, Tom and Makenzie came over and we had a really nice day. We were to be watching Makenzie while they went to the Phillies Game for her birthday that night. During the afternoon we took a LONG walk down the the Redbank Battlefield Park, played and took lots of pics. It was a PERFECT day for the waterfront, it was warm, sunny and breezy!  Brayden and Makenzie had a BALL!  Bray is finally getting old enough where they can actually interact and play with Makenzie and not just sit there all boring. It's the cutest thing watching them together, not that I want them to grow up but it's definitely going to be fun to watch them grow up together!  I took SOO many pics, here are some of the highlights. I know it's a lot but how could I narrow it down! lol

Makenzie was a big girl pulling Brayden around! 

Watching the airplanes come in!


It was so breezy Makenzie almost blew away! lol

Of course he took his shoes off! 

Best Cousins Sharing snacks! 

The City line from the Waterfont!

Time for a bath! They had so much fun! 

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