Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brayden's First Apple and Pumpkin Picking Adventure!!!

Today we took Brayden to the farm for his first trip to pick apple and pumpkins. We headed to Conte's Farm first, because they have the most amazing apple cider donuts :)   Usually we do both apple and pumpkins there but this year they weren't ready for pumpkins yet. Their apples definitely didn't look as good as usual because of the weather we've had recently but we were able to get two buckets full. Brayden had a great time. He had fun trying to help everyone pick apples, riding the tractor, walking around the orchard and dumping and refilling his buckets.  Brayden tried apple cider donuts and LOVES them. I don't normally give him sweets like that but who can pass up a hot fresh sugary doughnut.  He ate half of one on his own! This boy has good taste :)
Tractor Ride at Conte's!
 Helping Grammy and Aunt Katie find apples!
 Apple Picking with daddy!

 Look mommy I found some!

Walking with mommy and daddy!

I picked ALL these! and now i'll dump them out lol

Mmm unwashed apples (not my idea! lol)

We headed to Johnson's Farm on the way back to pick pumpkins.  I LOVE Johnson's farm for kids. It's a little more pricey and you have to pay for the tractor ride but they have all kinds of fun activities and stuff for the kids. It's definitely a more upscale and family oriented place. In fact, Brayden and I went here in April for an easter egg hunt and had a great time!   We took the tractor ride which Brayden loved. We were able to sit in the front of the wagon so he could watch the tractor and big wheels pull us.  He was fascinated and excited by everyone and everything.  I think he loved the pumpkin patch even more than picking apples. This time it was easier for him to walk around and pick up things he liked. Of course he was going for the big pumpkin leaved instead of the "bright orange things" on the ground,but he did great!

Overall we had a wonderful day.  It was great that Katie and mom were able to come and get to experience Brayden's first adventure of apple and pumpkin picking with us. It is such an amazing feeling having my own child to make memories and firsts with.  I feel so lucky to be Brayden's mommy and getting to experience the excitement, curiosity and happiness of being a child along with him.   I think we seriously took like 175 picture and a few videos so i'll try and narrow it down to my faves.
YEAH another tractor ride!
 Auntie Katie and her "special" pumpkin! 
 Look mommy i found one!

 Helping daddy find the good ones!
But daddy I want the one that looks like watermelon!

 Hamming it up at the pumpkin patch! lol 
 More over there mommy!

 Grammy picking the "perfect pumpkins"

Brayden had SO much fun he couldn't stay awake on the way home :) 

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