Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alzheimer's Walk!

Today was the Alzheimer's walking in Philly.  It turned out be a success and we had a great time supporting our family!! Jason kept Dad company and hung out in the stadium overseeing the walk. Along the walk path they had various entertainment like drums, bagpipes, belly dancers and all kinds of singing and music.  All in all, it was a great day and we were glad to get to take park and support such an important cause.

 Here's some pictures from the walk, Team Silent Courage! 

Brayden and Abby all ready for the walk with their purple flowers!

Katie and Megan!

 Jill, mom, Katie, Megan and Abby ! 

 Megan, Abby, Katie, Me and Brayden, Our ALZ advocate June and Mom! 

Flower garden. Yellow was for caregivers of Alz patients, purple is for those who've had 
someone pass, and blue for those who are affected. 

 Me, Mom, Dad, Jason and Brayden!
 Abby Dancing to the music!
 brayden "walking for a cure" (no pants b/c he peed 
Abby walked for her Great Grandmom!

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