Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nothings worse than a sick baby!

It has been a ROUGH week of sickness! Last week Jason started with the stomach virus that has been going around and at this point it's made its way through each of us. It has been terrible. On Sunday Brayden started with it and things went down hill fast. Aside from the chronic diarrhea he started spitting up. He would walk around screaming and crying and even picking him up wasn't helping. It seriously breaks my heart, I hate seeing him in pain and not being able to make it better.

 On Monday he started projectile vomiting and running a fever 101.5.  His poor bottom was so raw that this point you couldn't even touch him.  Time to head to the pedes. Advil and tylenol were keeping the fever at a minimum but he wasn't eating, drinking and able to keep anything down.  By the time we got the pedes he started to rash out all over his body with red bumps.  Low and behold he also has strep throat. My poor baby.  He just can't win.  The dr started him on amoxacillin and the virus part just has to run it's course. It's has been a struggle to get him to keep anything down, especially after taking antibiotics, they've been tearing up his stomach. Of course my son is "weird" and he hates any kind of drink other than water. So no juice, Pedialite, Gatorade ext. So it's been interesting getting fluids in him, being that milk/formula make him sick.  The good news is things are getting better, he is drinking, eating and sleeping a little more.  He is still fussy and miserable but it's nothing like it was.

Here's hoping by the weekend everyone in the house is feeling better! I know i'm struggling to function and take care of a baby. Jason was awesome and stayed home yesterday to help even though he's not feeling 100% himself.  Keeping everything crossed this doesn't linger too long. I am really hoping to take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend him to the farm for apple and pumpkin picking this weekend.  :)

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