Friday, September 9, 2011

They all Fall Down!

With Brayden full out walking and on the move he is constantly falling and bumping himself on the floor, his toys, and any exposed corner we THOUGHT was baby proofed. lol Last week we had our 1st busted lip! Of course he was trying to run and ended up falling and biting through his bottom lip. Blood poured out everywhere.  Poor kid, I was actually really calm for his first "bleeding fall". Which was probably b/c i'm a klutz myself and didn't expect any less from my son who just learned to walk. lol

In the spirit of doing things like my mom I whipped out one of my home made freeze pops to help his lip feel better. The site of a freeze pop instantly stopped the crying. Score 1 for mom on the distraction.  He loved it and  it slowed the bleeding. It made a huge sticky mess but it was worth it!  Of course being a crazy mom I had to take a picture of him as soon as I knew things were "okay".

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