Friday, September 9, 2011

Girls Day at The Nino's!

Some of my favorite girls from the 5277 (aka our old store) were able to get together and hang out! Wish ALL of my MW girls were able to make it.  :(  We had fun getting in some "adult time" and the kids had fun playing together.

Brayden had a ball, he loved following all the kids around, climbing up the slide backwards, banging on the drums, stealing toys from other kids (yes, we're working on that. lol ) and playing in the kiddie pool.  By the time we left all the kids were exhausted and Brayden crashed in the car on the way home!

Some pics of the kids having fun! Somehow I'm missing a picture of Sierra :( I think she spent most of the day in the big pool getting her swim on  :)  Thanks to Katie for taking some pics for me!!

Brayden and Arianna! He loves his cougars! (yes she IS older than 

Zoe and Abby!! 

 My baby face!

 Cassy is NOT having it! I think this is the only time i've ever seen her fuss! 
She seriously is EASIEST baby ever! So jealous Kelly! 

Arianna Posing!

Zoe! Mommys TRYING to get all the sand from the sandbox out of her hair 

 Brayden and Abby!  Bff's!

Just cruising!

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