Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Birthday Countdown and DIY Projects!

I'm one of those complete Type A personalities when it comes to everything. (like you didn't already know that if you are reading my blog!)  So of course I have myself all excited and planning all types of DIY projects and cute things for Brayden's first birthday. Yes, it is 2 months away but i'd rather take my time and have fun with it. I have a list of all the things I'm doing from cake to cupcakes, home made photoshop invitations, banners, balloon wreaths, personalized cupcake toppers, diy cupcake tower, personalized labels, special treats/snacks and so on.  Hey a kid is only ONE once right!? It's great b/c all these projects give me a creative outlet and let this frugal mom save some money at the same time!

So far I got done my bunting!  I did two long strands about 14 feet each that are double sided card stock laced with ribbon.  I'm going to hang them in the living room from side to side. I think they turned out adorable!  The theme for his party is animals and I'm doing all the colors to match the cake plates and napkins in aqua/turquoise, lime green and orange. The paper has different patterns and prints and happened to be all the colors that I needed.  I found a card stock book at the craft store SUPER cheap and I already had the ribbon so it was a great way to go!

More pics and details to come as I get things done/made! I LOVE PARTY PLANNING!! I'm for hire if anyone wants me :)

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