Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IVF Baby onesie!

A while ago i was dabbling in some ideas on how to screen print t-shirts and stuff. Not my best craft but I made some random stuff for Brayden that I had completely forgot about.  I made this onesie to celebrate that he is our little IVF miracle.  :)  I actually took the picture we got from our ET (egg transfer) of our embryos and made a stencil out of it.  I thought it was a cute idea for him to wear a shirt with his "first picture" on it. lol Yes, I am that crazy. Haha.  It's not the BEST shirt but I think it's fine for hanging out around that house!  

Our grade A REALLY they were graded A! lol 

I find it truly amazing to think he was once this microscopic embryo and now he is my beautiful baby boy! 

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