Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fork Please!

My son is trying to be WAY too independent. For the last few weeks he's been obsessed with using forks.  I know I am forever saying he is "obsessed" with things but this kid really gets bound and determined to do things!  He seriously amazes me every day.  I'm seriously impressed with his skills with a fork. He knows exactly what it is and what it does. He's really good at stabbing food and managed to get half of it in his mouth. lol Heck i'd be impressed if any made it in but he exceeded my hopes. haha.  I have to get some good pics but I did post a quick video from my phone on FB with him using a fork. Of coures he does better when I'm NOT trying to catch it on video but I still think it's cute! :)  

Click to see ---> Brayden using a fork! 

 A fun pic of his eating adventures! 

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