Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coloring Take 2!

Every time someone has a birthday I try and let Brayden "draw" with crayons on the persons card or little birthday sign we made. Needless to say it's usually pretty interesting and results in him eating his crayons. Thank goodness they are non toxic! lol  I did get him the triangle shaped crayons a while back and they are definitely the easiest thing for little ones to start out with.  Today we made birthday cards and he actually colored a little. I was super impressed! We traced his hands (in my mind a staple of all kid signatures...lol) and he tried to eat them in between coloring but he had fun.  Maybe I am crazy for introducing crayons so early, i'm just hoping it'll teach him some form of focus since this kid can't ever sit still! lol

The 3 Stages of Brayden Coloring

Stage one: Discovering the Crayon 

Stage 2: Drawing!  (looks like maybe he IS right handed!)

Stage 3: Perfecting Drawing and eating another crayon lol 
(yup definitely my kid!!)

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