Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brushing Teeth!

Since Brayden was 4 months old we've been "brushing his teeth".  I put that in quotes since his first tooth didn't actually break through until he was just shy of 6 months, but we would brush his gums to get the habit.  So far our diligence has paid off and he loves brushing his teeth.  He also gets a kick out of watching other people brush their teeth. I'll put him in his highchair while I get ready in the morning (since our bathroom is on the first floor) and he will lean forward and crane his neck so he can watch or look at you in the mirror. Too cute!  With in the last month he's been insistent that he has to brush his own teeth. In other words let the battles begin!  lol Since he's a "big boy" now, he needs to do everything on his own. I'm lucky if i get a few swiped in before he has to do it himself. So now i end up letting him hold the toothbrush and TRY and guide his hands to do the job right.  Needless to say it's interesting. Then i let him "brush his own teeth" for a few minutes while i do my own.  Otherwise a tantrum ensues if you take it away too early! This morning I got some pics of him doing it all on his own! I swear this boy thinks he's 1 year already!

Somebody LOVES brushing his teeth! 

He's ambidextrous.. still can't figure out if he's lefty or righty! 
His expressions kill me! 

 I do it myself mom!! 

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