Saturday, January 14, 2012

Academy of Natural Science!

Huge thanks to my cousin who was awesome enough to pass on some tickets to the Academy of Natural Science.  A few months back my g/f Jill was nice enough to treat us to the Please Touch Museum so I thought it was fitting to invite her to go.  Fortunately she was available since it was all so last minute and with one ticket left my sister Katie wasn't in school or working so she came too.  

The kids had a great time! The place isn't completely geared for children bu they did have a kids learning/play room along with a place to so an "archaeological dig", Fortunately when we went the place was REALLY slow. So we were able to let Brayden and Abby run around and explore things.  

The kids LOVED the dinosaur bones.  With in the first 10 mins of being there Brayden decided he loved the t-rex SO much that he would run away from my sister and climb up the step and under the rails to try and touch him.  Not going to lie, as a mother I was mortified! I saw what he was doing as he was about to do it and I ran to grab him but he was faster.  I had to jump the rails just in time to grab him from touching the giant t-rex legs.  I would be the mom who's kid decided to knock down and ruin a t-rex! lol  Fortunately no one from the museum saw and one family even thought it was cute/funny and offered to take pics... umm thanks but no thanks! lol  

The kids room was a lot of fun, there were different things for the kids to play with, animals to see and plenty to climb on.  You know Brayden was happy with that!  Unfortunately Brayden has an obsession with trying to put fake play food in his mouth despite my best efforts and it ended up in him getting sick starting with the Runny nose on Tuesday and running a fever till Friday. Yup that's my kid. Picks up any germs everywhere we go.  

Overall we had a great time, even though we did get a parking ticking for being less than 10 minutes late on the meter. I THOUGHT we had enough time to get back to the car but apparently I didn't watch the time close enough.  lol  

Of course I took tons of pics, here are some of my faves!  

The T-rex Brayden just HAD to touch! 
 What mom I'm digging for dinosaur bones! 
 Whats this?! 
 Only she could make getting eaten by a dino so cute!
 Brayden didn't realize there was glass in front of all the displays and kept crashing in to them! 
 NOOOO fox pelt!! 

 They LOVED petting the turtles!

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