Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun on a warm January day?!

Since today was so nice, 60 degrees in January, we decided to make sure we took advantage and got out side. Brayden had a lot of fun and it was great to get some fresh air!  We tried out some sidewalk chalk, drove his Lightening Mcqueen power wheel, chased some neighborhood cats b/c he wanted to pet them(lol), waved at EVERYONE that walked by and took a walk around the block. Brayden actually held my hand the whole way around the block. He loved the freedom of stopping and looking at things for a change instead of riding in his stroller.  He's such a big kid! Or atleast he thinks he is!  He did make a few attempts for the street. Thank god we live on a slow road, but people drive like jerks down the street so I'm TRYING to get him to learn about the street being bad now while he's little.  Of course I took plenty of pics!

Staring at people.. as usual! lol
 And there he goes! 
 Pushing his car b/c he's tool cool to ride it!~ 
 He was driving saying "GO GO GO"
 Oh mommy I see the neighbors cat! 
The 30 seconds he SAT and did chalk! lol 
 He makes the most insane faces. he kills me! 

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