Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's official we are PREGNANT!!!

For those who didn't see, we made the official announcement this week that we are pregnant with Baby #2! We couldn't me happier and are so excited for Brayden to be a big brother! Since FB is limiting as far as details I figured I would share how we got this far! I am due July 27, 2012!!

For those who read the blog i'm you know that we decided to go through another round of IVF to try for baby number two.  Since we had 15 embryo's still on ice we were lucky enough to be able to do a FET(frozen embryo transfer) instead of going through the whole process again.  We decided to thaw 6 of our embryos and select the best two to transfer.  We ended up with  4 "good" grade, and two fragmented embies.   Even after transferring two embies we still have 11 on ice.  On November 7th we had our ET(embryo transfer) and transferred two 3 days old embryos. My lining, estrogen and progesterone levels were all perfect so now it was just a waiting game!

Being the impatient person I am I knew i was going to have a hard time holding out on taking a pregnancy test. When we got pregnant with Brayden I got my BFP( positive home pregnancy test) 9 days after our transfer.  I really did try and make myself wait till the 9 days but I knew there was no way I was going to make it.  I ended up testing 7 days after our ET,  at 3:30 in the morning(yes i'm nuts) just to get it out of my system. I knew that the best chance of catching a BFP would mean I needed to use FMU(first morning urine), b/c its more concentrated and to my surprise I got a POSITIVE! Of course I cried! I was so excited I popped online to message my cysters then I ran upstairs to wake up Jason and tell him.  Yeah kinda did that backwards but I needed a minute to process that it was actually real!!

Being the POAS (pee on a stick) addict that I am i had to keep testing every day to see the line getting longer. I think battling with infertility has also made me kinda crazy and I need to see the second line on the test to help remind me that it IS real.

I called my RE (IVF dr) on Wednesday to tell them that I had been getting positive pregnancy tests since Monday. I was hoping they would let me come in earlier than my scheduled Saturday Beta(pregnancy bloodwork). I didn't think they would give much but they did let me come in on that Friday!  Waiting for the bloodwork to come back is the worst!! Fortunately we get same day results at my dr's office but even those few hours seem like forever.  The results were in I was offically pregnant! my Beta was 90 but they were concerned that despite the daily progesterone shots and cream inserts that I my p4(progesterone levels) were only at 23.5. Where as a few days after my transfer they checked them and it was 160.  So they added a 3rd form of progesterone, Prometrium, which are oral pills.  Of course I didn't mind taking more meds if it meant it helped the baby but I have to be honest progesterone makes me so bitchy and adding a 3rd one....whew! Poor Jason is all I have to say! lol I have NEVER had a problem with my progesterone levels so I was really concerned.  Two days later they did another beta and my number was 301! they are looking for the number to double with in a 48 hour period and mine was way ahead of that. Fortunately my p4 levels had jumped back up to 90, so we were really relieved!

My RE does 5 betas total over a streched out time frame.  Once your numbers hit 1000 they allow you to schedule your 1st u/s(ultrasound).  We had our first u/s on November 28th since my numbers had doubled so rapidly. At that point they confirmed we had ONE bun in the oven.  We had a few more u/s before being released to the ob at 8 weeks.!
November 28 ~ 4 weeks 5 days

December 6 ~ 6weeks 4 days 

December 16~ 8 weeks 
I had my 1st OB appt on the 22nd of December. The dr was extremely thorough about things. We had to make a "to do" list for this pregnancy. First off since Brayden was such a giant baby (9lb 9oz, 22 1/2") and we had NO idea since I only gained 26lbs they want to make sure to do a growth scan aronud 32/33 weeks to see the size of this baby.  If this baby looks like he/she is going to be big as well they will probably induce me at 39 weeks.  We definitely don't want a repeat of the "horror" story of tearing/labor that I had with Bray. The dr also wants to monitor my IR(insulin resistance) a few weeks after I stop my Metformin to make sure I don't have elevated glucose levels early in the pregnancy. So they'll prob have me go for an early GTT (glucose tolerance test) in the next week or two. I'll find out at my monthly appt on Tuesday. We did this when I was pregnant with Brayden so it's no biggie.  The other "concerning" thing the dr is monitoring is my cervix. After I had the cancerous cells removed in the LEEP procedure in July it shortened my cervix one centimeter. So the dr started doing cervical checks at my 1st appt so that they can make sure i am not dialating/effacing prematurely as the baby gets bigger. Hopefully everything will be fine but in the event there is an issue they will just so a simple Cerclage to stitch the cervix shut still we are ready to deliver.  

We tried to take some pictures of Brayden in his "big brother" t-shirt. TRIED is the operative word. Lol.  He never sits still so getting him to sit and smile was a joke. We did get some cute and silly pictures. He's the best! 

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