Sunday, January 22, 2012

N/T scan! 12weeks 4 days!

We oped to have the N/T scan (Nuchal translucency) done as part of the Sequential Screening for this pregnancy. The scan includes an ultrasound and blood test to give a statistical probability of your child having Downs Syndrome. Since the results would not impact the outcome of how we treat this pregnancy we saw it as an opportunity to see the baby again and IF something was wrong we would be able to prepare and be the most educated we possibly could be.

It's amazing how a few weeks can chance SO much!  We hadnt' seen the baby since before we were released to the ob which was 5 1/2 weeks prior. Needless to say  I was driving myself nuts worrying if the baby was okay. My infertility beast was making me think worst case scenario... uggh I hate it.  Anyway we had our ultrasound last Tuesday, I was 12 weeks and 4 day pregnant.  Baby looked amazing. The heartbeat was 176 and you could see him/her waving and rolling. The tech said the neck measurements on the baby were looking good. So we just have to wait for the statistics after my blood work is processed.  We did ask for a gender prediction.  They say if the baby's "nub" which use to be the tail is paralell to the spine that it's usually a girl if it's at a 30+ degree angle it's a boy.  So we figured it would be fun to see if it's right.  Well it's looks like as of right now we are most likely having a GIRL! Obviously we would be happy either way, but it would be really exciting to get the best of both worlds!  And in case we can't do IVF again we wouldn't feel as much pressure to try for a 3rd.
12 weeks 4 days~ The "girl" nub is on the right! 
Hi mommy, daddy and Brayden! 

Another nub/profile shot! 

So i received a call from the MFM ( Maternal Fetal Medicine) office. Of course they called at 3:30 on friday RIGHT after i walked out the door. I didn't get the message from them till 6:30. But the blood tech needed to find out when I had my original egg retrieval and how old i was at that time. Of course I automatically jump to conclusions and start stressing myself out, b/c they had told me they ONLY call if your tests come back positive for there being a problem with the baby. I will be calling them back in the morning but I'm hoping and praying they just need the information so that they can accurately calculate the potential "risk" of downs. I know the age of your eggs can possibly influence those numbers... so here is hoping.

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