Monday, November 7, 2011

TTC Baby#2: Transfer Day!

I am like 2 weeks behind in posting about all the stuff that has been going on in the last few weeks. I'm slowly trying to catch up.

Hi Baby Keysers! Now get comfy!! 

Backtracking to CD1, on Oct 20th (Bray's bday), I finally got AF and our FET cycle officially began!
I'll prob make this a timeline to make it easier to explain :)

CD 2: Oct 21st: I had blood work and ultrasound on day 2 and everything looked great so they started me on Estrace aka estrogen to simulate egg growth artificially and help prime my lining for the transfer.  I was on increasing doses of that until my next u/s.

 CD 15: Nov 3: B/w and u/s for a lining check.  Everything looked perfect. E2 (estrogen) was at 850 and my lining was a nice and thick 14.

CD16: Nov 4: With the go ahead I started my other arsenal of medications in preparation for the transfer.  This includes PIEO, an intramuscular shot of progesterone in solution, progesterone suppositories, steroids, antibiotics and the 3x daily Estrace I was already on.  I also received a call from the embryologist to go over everything. The game plan was to thaw 6 embies and grow them to 3 day(since most of mine were frozen on day 1 b/c i has severe OHSS at the time of retrieval) and transfer the best two graded ones.

Being the Type A and just for organizing purposes I used the chart 
from when we did IVF with bray to keep track of all of my medication.  lol 

CD 18: Nov 6: Thaw report is in! All 6 embies made the thaw, 4 of the 6 were looking excellent, 2 were fragmented, meaning they were not dividing properly. Transfer is scheduled for 10am monday morning

CD 19: Nov 7: TRANSFER DAY! We dropped the baby off at my moms on the way to the RE office.  I had to be there at 9:15 for a 10am transfer.  They had me drink a ton of water to make sure my bladder was visible on the u/s machine. Of course my bladder was immediately overly full and I was sitting in my seat doing the "pee pee" dance. Classy I know! lol  We finally got called back and they had me get changed and gave me Valum to prevent cramping. Jason even got to "gown up" and put on the sexy hair covering and booties :) And then we wait! lol I hate sitting in the room waiting for the procedure to happen, I swear time ticks by SO slowly.  Finally the embryologist came in to go over the final embryo report. Out of the 6 the two that were preciously fragmented were not good so they were given to their research. The two we would be transferring were an 8 and a 6 cell embies. Both were considered GOOD grading. they couldn't be classified as excellent b/c they had the slightest amount of fragmentation. The other remaining two were refrozen leaving us 11 still on ice!

The procedure itself it nothing, The worst part for me was the overly full bladder. they had me try and empty only "2 cups full "  and that was SO hard to stop peeing when you have to go that bad. lol Once i was back in the room things got underway. it's a super fast procedure, they measure how far in they want to go, make the "drop" and take the cathedar back out. The embryologist looks at the cathedar under a microscope to make sure both embies are in me and not still in the tube.  It was painless and fast!  By this time the Valum had hit me full effect. They have you lay down on the slightly inverted table for 30 mins just to play it safe and I completely passed out from the meds. I am always so sensitive to that kind of medication. It always makes me dizzy/drunken-ish and disoriented, but as long as it did its job with the lack of cramping I was good!

We headed back to my moms to get Brayden and headed home. I'm now on the mandated 48 hour bed rest. It's really strict but then after that I can do normal activities with no bending at the waist and llifting over 15 lbs. The last part will be hard with Brayden being 20lb 13oz, but I'll just be careful to lift at my knees and arms when I do have to pick him up.

So now we wait... isn't that ALWAYS the case. TTC is just mean like that!  lol  I go on the 10th for b/w and u/s to check my lining and make sure all of my hormones look good and my meds don't need to be adjusting. Beta (pregnancy) blood work is scheduled for Sat the 19th. But I already planned on testing at home before that. I hope to wait until 9dp3dt (9 days after the transfer) but we will see what kind of willpower i have.  I got my positive test with Brayden that far out so that's why i figured I would start there.  :)  Wish us luck! i'm just hoping an praying this does the trick!  Brayden would love to have a little brother or sister! :)

A Comparison of embies!  
 Baby #1/#2 (good quality) Nov 7 2011  

VS  Brayden and his late twin(lost 5/6 weeks) (excellent/good quality)Jan 22, 2010

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