Saturday, November 26, 2011

Visiting Santa!

After the parade today we decided to take Brayden to see Santa at the Cherry Hill Mall. My neighbor was nice enough to give us a voucher for a free portrait package, can't beat that!  I really didn't know how Brayden was going to react to Santa. Last year he was just over a month old so he just hung out in Santa's arms.Most of the time he is outgoing but he was the opposite he was PETRIFIED!  Poor kid, first he was tortured at the parade then Santa. lol Fortunately the line was really short for pictures so we didn't have to wait that long.  When it was our turn I walked him up to Santa and let him "take him in", he clung to me with a death grip like no other. The second I tried to put him on Santa's lap the screaming commenced. Santa and his photographers were really great and let us try and calm him down, let mommy sit with him, give him a binky and blaket ext ext,  but all of the shots he was screaming with a crazy face. I guess it's kinda good the photos were free lol  But i'm glad we got them either way, it was definitely a memorable visit to Santa and i'm sure we will be looking back laughing when he is older. is it!!

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