Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Parade!

 This afternoon we headed to Pennsauken for their annual Christmas Parade. Last year Brayden was only a month old and it was freezing cold so we didn't get to go. This was his first official parade. He had a lot of fun, but he cried ALOT! Honestly I think the biggest problem was he was tired and has been teething relentlessly. In order to go to the parade we had to wake him up from his nap early so I think b/w that and all the loud noises he just wasn't enjoying it as much as he would of.  He was so interested in everyone and everything!

  He normally loves looking at firetrucks but after 30 rescue and trucks driving by with their sirens and horns blaring he was yelling and crying. Poor kid!  Even when the different bands would come by he was getting upset. He is obsessed with music so I know he was def not feeling himself.
My Poor Baby! 

He did love the candy and the reindeer that Grammy got for him! 

 And he got to meet his favorite character Elmo!!! 

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