Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brayden's 1st Birthday!

I've been trying to get on to post lots of pictures from Brayden's birthday and party and just hasn't had the time. But I am finally getting around to it and i'm having a hard time narrowing down what photos to post! lol I'll have to do a separate post for the party since there are TOO many photos :)

My baby is one! I can't believe it.  He is not a baby anymore, he talks, eats, runs around and never ceases to amazing me with how smart he can be.  His birthday and party turned out great! He had so much fun and got completely spoiled.

On his actual birthday the three of us spent the day together and had a little family thing for dinner and cake.  We took him to Toys R Us to get his birthday balloon and crown, pick out a present with money that was sent to him and got his free birthday cake from Shoprite! Gotta love that! Amazingly he didn't cry when we sang him happy birthday! Since he always cried at everyone elses birthday I was impressed lol.  He had so much fun by the end of the night he was exhausted and totally crashed!

He LOVED opening presents!  Of course what kid doesn't like ripping paper and getting new toys! 
OMG!!! Lightening McQueen!
At Toys R Us!! Rocking his Number one shirt Mommy Made! 
 My little Dare Devil!

 Cake time! 

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