Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Linvilla Orchards!!

On Monday Brayden and I headed to Linvilla Orchards with Aunt Jill and Abby! We had such an amazing day! The weather was absolutely perfect, it wasn't overly crowded and the kids had a great time!  The place was really cute, that had a park for the kids to play with, animals to feed, a train and lots and lots of pumpkins.  Brayden and Abby did great, by the end of the day they were definitely tired and both crashed on the car ride home!  I took a TON of pics so i'm going to try and pick the good ones, i'll post more on Facebook.
Trying to get the two of them to actually look at us, haha!! 
they more more interested in the giant pumpkin
 Walking hand in hand! SO CUTE! 
 He wanted to stay in the tunnel lol 
 They even SHARED a carrot and fed the birds together!!! 
 Abby and Mommy!
 Bray Bray LOVES his Aunt Jill!
 Abby and Mommy on the Train!
 Brayden and Mommy on the train! he loved it! 
 Checking out all the cool stuff! 
 We got some of the white and orange pumpkins! they are so cool! 
 Again! no luck getting them to look at us for a picture the hay was too interesting! lol
 What is this?!! 
 Cute halloween decor! 
 I found two mommy! 
 Oh she's looking at the camera! :) 
Riding the Train!
 My sweetie! his expressions crack me up

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