Sunday, November 13, 2011

POAS Diva?! Damn Right! lol

For those who don't know POAS (pee on a stick) is just a way of saying taking a pregnancy test. lol The title of the blog is in dedication of a group of Soul Cysters I belong to who all LOVE to poas. :) Today I am 6 days post 3 day transfer (6dp3dt) and I am going NUTS wanting to POAS! I know it's too early but I feel like the tests are calling to me. Yes that sounds totally crazy but in this game of infertility and IVF it feels like everything is one long torturous waiting game.  Waiting to start cycling, waiting to start meds, waiting for your next b/w (blood work) and u/s (ultrasound), waiting for thaw and growth reports, waiting for transfer day and last waiting for confirmation that after it all it DID work and you hear the words "you are pregnant".  The uncertainty of all all is mind numbing.  Anyway, when  I got pregnant with Brayden I got my BFP(big fat positive) 9dp3dt, so I still have time but I think I am definitely going to test early.  I don't expect a BFP but I think I just need to get it out of my system and pee on something! haha.  So i guess we will see what happens and hope for the best!! Only 6 more days till my Beta (pregnancy blood work).

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  1. I have everything crossed for you. And praying for a early bfp for you. :)