Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful fall day!

We went outside and had fun playing in the leaves today. It was such a nice day even though the sun wasn't out as much as we would of liked.  Brayden had a ball! He ran around the yard chasing the Riley(our dog), playing ball with her, walking and playing in piles of leaves and "helping" daddy rake. Helping was more like INSISTING that he HAD to hold the rake and do it all on his own. Not surprising since he thinks he's one going on 4.  lol  It was hard to get him to sit still and smile for pics but I got some really cute ones and we had fun!
Playing with Riley! 
 Rolling in the leaves
 Trying to Rake while in the pile lol 
 I got this daddy!
 He LOVES raking, i'll have to remind him when he's older! 
 YES he was trying to play peek-a-boo behind the cherry blossom tree lol 
 SO serious! 
 Falling leaves! (uggh i hate my neighbors fence)

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