Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad Keyser!

On Sunday we celebrated Dad Keyser's birthday a day early.  We had a great dinner and I made a cake for dessert.  We had a great time and of course Brayden had a ball getting in to everything, pushing Tupperware around the house and playing with his Elmo balloon grandma and grandpa got him! I was FINALLY able to get some pictures of Dad and Brayden together. Bray always refuses to sit still and tries to climb on him when we try and get shots of them together. lol  Brayden and Mommy made grandpa a birthday crown with pictures of him and grandpa.  He was a good sport and let us take pictures!   For the cake I did a Yankees theme, OF COURSE! Anyone that knows mom and dad Keyser knows it's ALL about the Yankees!  Brayden also helped mommy make the cake by taste testing. Looks like i'm going to have a big helper in the kitchen!

Yes, after the fact I though I prob shouldn't of let him lick it b/c it wasn't cooked 
batter and it was chocolate but he survived. lol I LOVE the tongue sticking through!!! 

 He had a blast!! 

 LOVE those eyes! 

The Cake!  Chocolate Cake with fondant details!  
 Faux wood grained baseball bat and ball! 

Helping Grandpa open his card and presents! 
 I'm helping!
 Playing with Grandma!!! 

 Happy Birthday To YOU!!! 
 Make a Wish!
 What a good sport!! 

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