Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More DIY 1st Birthday Fun!

I'm trying to finish up the rest of my DIY stuff and make anything I can in advance for Brayden's Birthday party.  Took pics of a few more things so I thought I would share! :)  More to come!!!

Do jazz up Brays highchair for cake pictures I figured I would make mini bunting to match the decor for the rest of the house. It was simple and easy to make and I think it's a cute idea ! 

Every month I take a picture of Brayden with his onesie sticker to celebrate his monthly bday!  I finally finished the 0-12 month photo banner, less the 12 month photo. I think it turned out cute! It's amazing to see all of the pictures lined up and how he changed. His NB photo seriously cracks me up. He was a sumo baby! lol I temporarily taped it to the wall so I could get photos with out much glare. :)  

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