Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bye Bye FORMULA! *Insert Happy Dance*

Last Thursday was the LAST day Brayden was on formula and he's officially on whole milk(organic of course)! We had been introducing whole milk to him for months. I tried it a million times in his sippy cup and he hated it. He would  start to drink and spit it right out. Our pedes had wanted us to start him on solely whole milk at 11 months so we were testing the waters before hand.  Fortunately in the last few weeks I found that he would take the whole milk if it was warmed up in his bottle.  So we officially made the change and he's been doing great. He's been a little bit gassy, tmi i know but so far so good. With the milk protein intolerance that we faced before this is a HUGE step for him.  In celebration I had to take pictures of him with his FINAL container of Similac that was empty!  My baby is getting way to big and growing up so fast!  Now we just need to work on how much he is drinking and getting him on to the sippy cups for milk and off the bottles, but we will in due time.  :)  Meanwhile mommy is excited to not buy any more fomula till we have the next little one. You know it's serious business when I passed on my 10 remaining Similac checks and coupons to good friend Kelly :)

But mommy there is nothing to scoop!?
 My LAST Similac!!!!! 

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