Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Zoe!!

My girlfriend Ana's Daughter Zoe had her 3rd birthday party on Saturday. She did a small party at the McDonalds in Woodbury. Brayden had his 1st Happy Meal. lol  The kids had a great time! Of course Brayden was trying to follow all the big kids around. He LOVES Arianna! lol Maybe a little too much he was trying to hug and kiss her and she was not having it! Poor girl! lol The play place wasn't really for little kids but  I was able to take him in the one section to crawl around and my g/f Jill's daughter Jessie took him up the "big kid climbing area" to play. I really can't believe she turned 3! I remember her being born and going to visit in the hospital!  Even scarier Brayden will be 1 in 16 days!  Crazy how time flies!

Zoe and Abby climbing!
 Just hanging with my boy Ronald!
 ( and i promise we didn't pose him he did it on his own! LOL)
 Hey girl, wanna play?!
 Don't you dare put your hands on me brayden! lol 
 Arianna pre-bbq sauce explosion :) 
 Zoe! The birthday Girl!! 
 mmmmm burger!
 Arianna and Jessie!


  1. awww cute pictures! i see a future babysitter in jessie! lol

  2. if anybody needs me to babysit i can (:

  3. i'll def let you know if i need one!!