Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy Week: Paw's Farm, Please Touch Museum and Mom's Group Picnic

Last week was a busy week for Brayden! We had a lot of fun things planned to do!

On Wednesday we headed to Paw's Farm in Mt. Laurel with our playgroup. Brayden had a great time. It was rainy that day so we spend most of the time inside but we made it work.  The place was really cute for kids, they had a barnyard area of animals, a play vet area and various play places.

On Thursday we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia with Jill and Abby! The kids had a great time!  There was so much for them to do and play with we could of spent all day there!    I think at this point in Brayden's development he was at the earliest age to be able to go and play. Most of the kids were older and with him being able to walk so well and being able to play walking and stalking really made a huge difference.  This boy really thinks he is a "big kid" and jumped in playing with all the older kids with no problem.  Thanks again to Aunt Jill for taking us, we had a great day!!! We took SO many pictures so i'm trying to narrow it down to a few. lol I'll post them all on FB later! 

On Friday we still had our Mom's Group Picnic at the Red Bank Park by our house! We got to meet a lot more moms and kids and had a great time at the park! Everyone is so great, I really love this group! Brayden has a wonderful time chasing after the kids and trying to play on the "big kid" playground.  We tried to get a big group shot, i think a few kids were missing but not bad considering! :)  

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