Friday, January 28, 2011

Day in the life with Brayden, Jack and Riley : /

I love my pets but sometimes they drive me nuts! Jack is our orange tabby and Riley is an american eskimo mix that looks like a yellow lab. Today was another one of "those" days where it was one thing after another. Since Brayden was having a day of screaming because of his teething and reflux it was already a pretty stressful day. Sometimes i think it's a collaborative conspiracy to see who can drive me nuts first or be the most annoying. lol

Todays goals must of included:
1. Jack- interrupting all of Braydens feedings by insisting he MUST be pet and lay on top of the baby
2. Riley- incessantly barking right after i JUST get the screaming baby to close his eyes and take a nap
3. Jack and Riley - see how many times they can run in front of mommy and try and trip her
4. Riley- insist that the second i try and feed, change or rock Brayden is the PERFECT time to have to pee
5. Jack- try to sneak outside everytime the dog has to go out
6. Riley- try and sneak in to the other room and eat all of the cats food
7. Jack- put his paws in the water dish to play and try to drag the bowl across the floor
8. Jack and Riley - see how many times they antagonize each other so a chasing match starts resulting in them knocking things over

Needless to say they SUCCEEDED at all of thier goals for the day. LOL 

Of course AFTER the baby goes to bed they decide to cooperate!

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