Thursday, January 20, 2011


UGHH so my transition from maternity leave to unemployment has NOT been smooth. I was really lucky that NJ has the new FLI (family leave insurance) program so i had my full 12 weeks of FMLA paid... well 3/4 of pay but i'll take it. But since my job closed while on maternity leave I get to temporarily be a stay at home mom. Rough financially but awesome that I get more time with little man!  But the state of NJ is NOT making things easy. I was technically laid off on jan 7th and still haven't been able to apply for unemployment.  I've been fighting with FLI for a week to close my claim so I can apply! Apparently all of the departments are connected and b/c of some glitch my FLI isn't "closed" in the computer.  Sorry but that's not my problem. So after days of calling, sitting on hold alteast 10 mins each time to actually talk to someone they tell me i have to call in a claim and can't do it online. That would of been nice to know a WEEK ago! OF COURSE it can't be that easy... every time i call it tells me the line is TOO busy and I have to call back another time.  SERIOUSLY!  Gotta love the state of NJ!  Here's hoping i have better luck tomorrow!

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