Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That MIGHT of been good to know!!

I'm so glad I am an advocate for my own child. With all of braydens reflux problems I decided the other night to do more research on the medications and see what our options are. And apparently the way we have been giving him his meds is ALL wrong! First off the prevacid must be taken 30 mins before the bottle...which I was never told. Second the prevacid and the zantac can not be taken together. Apparently the formula and/or the zantac break down the previcid before it gets to the intestines and is absorbed and counteract each other. So you have to wait 4 hours after the prevacid to take the zantac. All i can say is WTH!! I am glad neither the pediatrican or the pharmacist gave us any instructions on what to NOT do.  NO WONDER he was in SO much pain. I feel awful. I'm definitely talking to the pedes about this.

So yesterday I started him on a medication schedule and lo and behold things got much better...no spitting up, no acid breath no pain... thank god! And today was the same. I feel bad he has to get medicatoin 4x a day but it works and that's all that matters.

Then I think... "what would happend if I didn't do my homework?' SO FRUSTRATING! And to think he's been on both meds for a months and a half!   Ok enough ranting.. all that matters is he's feeling better and I pray things continue that way!

This HAPPY, GIGGLY and SMILEY baby totally makes my day!!

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  1. UGH how frustrating! What a good mama you are for figuring this all out.

    Is he still doing better? What a relief to at least have found a solution to his reflux