Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reflux rears its ugly head... Again :(

I feel SO bad for Brayden... His acid reflux has been so bad lately. Before he had the silent reflux(still painfun) and would only occasionally get sick or spit up.  But for the last 2 weeks it's been getting progressively worse and he is in a LOT of pain and spitting up all the time. Now we are to the point where even with the zantac 2x a day and prevacid 1x a day his breath still smells sour 24/7.  I can't add any more cereal to his bottle or it'll make him too constipated and we even started a little oatmeal cereal by spoon to help "coat" his stomach. It seems to help a little. Right now he is eating about 4.5- 6 oz per bottle every 3 hours. By the time we get to the next bottle he screams so hard b/c his stomach is empty and the reflux seems to bother him more. So between that and him teething early he has been nothing short of miserable. He does have his happy times where he smiles and laughs but he is definitely NOT himself and it absolutely breaks my heart. He also wants to be held all the time lately and hasnt wanted to nap anywhere but in my arms or in his swing. We were doing so good with transitioning to the pack and play for naps but with everything he's got going on we're back to the beginning. But i'll let it slide, if he needs me to hold him to make it better, I'm more than willing.

I was able to get us in for an appointment with my favorite pediatrician for thursday... i am just praying this so called snow storm we are getting doesn't close the drs office. Of course i called and called last week and they were converting the office to electronic filing so they weren't calling me back.  Ugghh.. they are usually SO amazing about getting me in asap and calling back fast I was so frustrated. I wanted to see if they could adjust his zantac dosage to correlate to his new weight (he gained a little over a pound this month). But apparently the dosage he is on 2ml 2xday is the max they can give them at his age regardless of weight.  Uggh so i am hoping that on thursday we can come up with a new game plan on how to keep this under control.  I am going to see if maybe we can do the prevacid 2x day?  I just want him to feel better.. It makes me upset and I feel helpless that I can't "fix" this for him. But we will figure it out.. I'm just keeping everything crossed he grows out of this sooner than later!

On the flip side.. he had so much fun eating Oatmeal for the first time. He did really good and made a huge mess but we had fun! He loved helping to push the spoon in his mouth and was "yelling" at me when he didn't get more fast enough. lol I had a hard time keeping his hands out of his mouth.. he loved sucking the cereal off of them. :)  Looking at his adorable face I can't help but smile!



Full tummy = sleepy baby!


Video: First time eating cereal!!!  1/24/2011


  1. Too cute! Looks like eating at our house :)

    I wonder, can you give him a bottle more frequently, say every 2 hours? I know it'll be more work, but perhaps that'll help?

    Good luck. Everyone says that reflux peaks at about 4 months and then gets better -- I hope it gets better soon for you guys!

  2. He had a ball! Does jack love eating too?! At this point he wont eat every 2 hours if I try. I have tried that and he may take an ounce but the amounts over the course of the day don't seem to be enough. Here's hoping with all of the new additions of cereal, fruit, and new meds we have it figured out!